10 Top Large Camping Tents with Rooms

Camping in the wilderness with your friends and family calls for a secure, large camping tents that can comfortably fit everyone. The last thing you want to deal with is a tight space with poor ventilation when you’re already subjected to multiple circumstantial external factors. In this article, we will guide you on how to purchase the most suitable camping tent with rooms, its advantages, precautions, and more. Also, the curated list of the top large camping tents with rooms will help you select one before your next camping trip!

How to Choose the Perfect Large Tent for Camping?

Size of the Tent

When camping with family and friends, the size of the tent is indeed one of the most crucial factors. How many people will be joining you on your camping trip? Would it be four, eight, or even twelve? The more the members the less the amount of space that can be allocated for each person. A good idea is to always size up the number that is provided by the manufacturer. Family camping is more about comfort than getting cramped up in a tiny space and focusing more on the adventures. Therefore, choose one that can easily provide each member their own space if they need to relax by themselves.

Type of Construction

Large tents for camping mostly come in two shapes: Cabin-style or Dome-style. While the former tents are comfortable to stand up in, they do not hold well in all weather conditions. Due to their flat ceiling construction, they cannot deflect harsh winds without falling apart. On the other hand, dome-style tents only allow comfortable standing in the middle but they can easily stand still during high winds too.

Ease of Set-Up

Even if you think there are multiple people to set up the large camping tents on family trips, the more the people the more chaotic it can become. So, always opt for tents that are easy to set up or at least come with easy instructions that anybody can follow.

What Are the Advantages of Using Large Camping Tents with Rooms?

Increased Ventilation

Large camping tents with rooms have multiple windows made of mesh that allow proper ventilation. When there are a bunch of people in a confined space, there must be enough air circulation for everybody to breathe properly, and that’s exactly what large camping tents with rooms ensure.

Large Storage Area

Family tents have multiple extra features including rooms and porches that provide an extra storage area for your belongings. Unlike smaller tents where the sleeping area may have to be used as storage space, you can use the screened porch in large camping tents with rooms for storing camping gear, food, warm clothes, etc.

Reasonable Price

For the features and space that large camping tents with rooms provide, you can get them at a fairly reasonable price than getting two or more different small tents to fit all the camping members. Therefore, it’s better to go for larger tents at an affordable price than multiple smaller ones.

Easy to Set Up

Large tents with rooms are quite easy to set up due to their well-formed construction. All you need to do is follow a few simple instructions to put it up.

Things to Look for That Differentiate Large Tents With Rooms from Standard Ones

Tent Layout

Large camping tents with rooms have separately allocated bedrooms and living room spaces that allow a comfortable stay for all the camping members. Most of them have a separate porch area that is very convenient especially during unfavorable weather conditions. When it rains heavily, you’ll have a separate waterproof area inside your tent to do multiple activities which are certainly not possible in the case of standard tents.

Additional Features

Some large camping tents with rooms come with footprints and carpets. Footprints are great when you do not want to spend extra time cleaning the large tent. On the other hand, carpets portray a touch of luxury that you may come across in few large camping tents with rooms. However, it’s advised to opt for them when you’re planning to camp in dry seasons so that you can avoid a damp floor situation in the middle of nowhere.

Precautions for Using Large Camping Tents with Rooms

  • No matter how large the camping tent is, you should be up to date with the weather before you pack your belongings. Because even though family camping tents come with extra space, you’re going to be stuck there during extreme weather conditions; be it heavy rain, snow, or scorching heat.
  • When you sit in the porch area in the tent, you may forget to pack the leftover food but this can be quite risky as it may attract wildlife. So you should not leave any food items in the porch area or any part of the tent that is well exposed.
  • Do not forget to bring sunscreen irrespective of the possible weather condition because you need to keep yourself protected from UV rays at all times.

Top Ten Large Camping Tents with Rooms Reviews

1. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

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Here’s a three-season family camping tent from Coleman that comes with a screen room for extra space. The dome-shaped tent is suitable for up to eight people as it easily fits up to two queen-sized beds. Although this large tent is more suitable for warm weather conditions, it’s made of waterproof materials making it ideal even for the heaviest rains. Plus, you can easily set it up within just 15 minutes.

The tent provides enough ventilation through the multiple windows as well as the bug-free porch area. Therefore, if you are looking for large camping tents with rooms that tick all the relevant boxes including durability, affordability, and ventilation, you must grab this one from Coleman.

Pros & Cons

  • Constructed with high-quality polyester taffeta
  • Has multiple interior storage pockets
  • Designed with inverted seams and welded corners for rain protection
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Open porch area may make the tent cold at lower temperatures
  • Comes with only a one-year warranty


2. Coleman Montana Tent 

Coleman Montana Tent

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Here’s another large camping tent from Coleman that is designed to fit up to eight people comfortably. Although it’s suitable for warm weather, you can utilize the extended door awning to store your gear if you’re caught in unexpected rain. Plus, it has inverted seams to keep the water out if required.
The large tent has angled windows that allow maximum ventilation, keeping the interior air circulated. The pin and ring system lets you set up this tent quickly as well. So, you may opt for this one if you’re looking for an affordable, beginner-friendly large tent.

Pros & Cons

  • Spacious interior that can fit up to three mattresses
  • Center height measure up to six foot two inches allowing you to stand
  • Can be set up in 15 minutes
  • Affordable
  • Features an extended door awning
  • Not the suitable for heavy rains
  • Does not have extra features


3. OT QOMOTOP Pop-Up Tent

large camping tents - My Traveling Tents


This large cabin-style pop-up tent from OT QOMOTOP is ideal for four people to fit in comfortably. It has a mesh roof and a ground vent that allows proper ventilation. The interior of the tent can easily fit a queen size bed along with camping gear.
Plus, you can also turn this pop-tent into two rooms by using a divider in the middle. This affordable pop-up tent comes with a top rainfly making it suitable for rainy weather as well. Therefore, if a four-person, waterproof, affordable pop-up tent sounds good to you, grab this one!

Pros & Cons

  • Can be set up in just 60 seconds
  • Ensures extra storage space
  • Offer great ventilation
  • Suitable for all types of weather
  • Allows electrical cord access through an E-port
  • Not the great quality zipper
  • Might be difficult for one person to set up


4. Coleman Connectible Tent 

Coleman Connectible Tent

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Here’s a flexible tent from Coleman that comes with a large tent suitable for six people and a small connectible tent that fits three people. While the smaller tent accommodates one queen-sized bed, the bigger one fits two. The dividers between the two tents are fully closable allowing you privacy if required. The multiple features that this connectible tent possesses are note-worthy as well, such as extended awning, welded floors, extra gear storage space, and more!

Pros & Cons

  • Extendable space for up to nine people
  • Pre-attached poles for quick set up
  • Has inverted seams and welded floors to prevent water from getting inside
  • Provides enough height for easy movement
  • Features electrical cord port
  • Not the top waterproof tent


5.WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

Coleman Connectible Tent

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This luxury camping tent is ideal for someone willing to pay a little extra for added benefits. The bell tent provides ventilation like no other, thanks to the 12 windows and large ceiling vents. As the tent is fully made of cotton canvas, it is resistant to mold, dew, water, and ensures breathability. Plus, the zippers are waterproof as well.

You can also cook inside the tent using the stove jack that it features. Overall, it’s a large good-looking tent that you should go for if you prefer a combination of features and aesthetics.

Pros & Cons

  • Constructed with water-resistant cotton canvas
  • Has multiple roof vents and mesh windows
  • Has a roll-up door for entry
  • A high ceiling that allows you to stand up
  • Features waterproof zippers
  • Has a longer setup time
  • Expensive


6. CORE Instant Cabin Tent 

CORE Instant Cabin Tent 

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This cabin tent from CORE is large enough to fit 12 people. Even though it has three rooms, two people can easily set it up in less than a few minutes. The beautiful camping tent is packed with features including room dividers, mesh ceiling, double-entry points, and more.

It’s a reliable option for a big family or a large group of friends as it has a durable construction to ensure that it stays firm on the ground even in the presence of chaos. So, if you want to get your hands on a large, heavy-duty, and well-ventilated tent, check out this one from CORE.

Pros & Cons

  • Made of high-quality polyester
  • Offers quick set up
  • Has mesh ceiling panels for proper ventilation
  • Allows sufficient headspace for standing
  • Has two entryways
  • Heavy; not the easiest to transport
  • Not the best waterproof features


7. Ozark Trail 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent

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Here’s a spacious three-room instant cabin from Ozark that can fit up to 11 people. You can either leave the main portion of the cabin tent as it is to create a larger space or divide it into two to make separate rooms for privacy. However, there’s only one door in the front which has to be used to enter either of the front rooms.

The cabin tent is large enough to fit two mattresses easily. Plus, it has got the maximum ventilation covered as well with multiple windows. All in all, it’s a great cabin-style tent that’s multi-faceted and durable

Pros & Cons

  • Pole structure made of durable steel
  • Has plenty of headroom for standing up
  • One door entry for both of the front rooms
  • Has a separate room at the back of the tent
  • Can be set up in two minutes
  • No door access to the backroom


8. Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent

Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent

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This family cabin tent from Fortunershop is the ultimate option for a large group of friends and family. You can either choose to spread out mattresses and stay in one large room or divide them into four different rooms if you prefer privacy. The dividers can be easily tied in like curtains so you don’t have to worry about zipping them.

You can also use additional rooms for storing camping gear and other belongings. So, if a large living space is your top priority in a camping tent, get your hands on this one from Fortunershop.

Pros & Cons

  • Fits up to 14 people
  • Interior can be divided into four rooms
  • Has a door for every room
  • Can fit up to five queen-sized mattresses
  • Comes with drink holder pockets
  • Has a longer setup time
  • The living room doesn’t have a direct entry


9. Eureka! Copper Canyon Camping Tent

Eureka! Copper Canyon Camping Tent

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Here’s one of the most durable large camping tents with rooms suitable for all seasons. Accommodating up to eight people in three rooms, this camping tent is packed with multiple features. You can enter the tent using any of the two doors, thereby allowing privacy. You can store away your gear and additional belonging in the overhead gear hammock and mesh pockets stitched inside the tent.

All the operation of your electronics will be covered as the tent has an E-power port. Overall, it’s the perfect family tent that is worth its price.

Pros & Cons

  • Seven feet ceiling that allows you to stand inside the tent easily
  • The tent can be divided using a room divider
  • Features large windows that promote air circulation
  • Has two doors as entryways
  • Comes with a power port for using electric cables
  • Heavy to transport
  • Comes with just a year warranty

10. Ozark Trail 12-Person Tent

large camping tents

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This 12-person camping tent from Ozark has three rooms and two dividers to create privacy. The large tent has three entry points, out of which the third one can be used as a bug-free front porch or an additional bedroom. You don’t have to create space to store your gear on the floor of the tent since it comes with a huge gear loft. Also, the tent can be set up easily using the pre-attached poles.

This tent is perfect for hot weather conditions as it has a ground vent that can fit an air conditioner. Overall, if you truly want to experience a cabin instead of just a large tent, this one from Ozark will be perfect for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable construction with factory-sealed seams
  • Can fit up to three mattresses
  • Comes with pre-attached poles
  • Features 10 windows for maximum air circulation
  • Comes with a wheeled carry bag
  • Heavier than the other tents featured in this article

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are all large camping tents with rooms waterproof?

No. So, if you’re camping in the rainy season, make sure “waterproof” is specified by the manufacturer.

Do all large camping tents with rooms ensure ventilation?

All large camping tents with rooms have mesh windows that ensure ventilation.

Do I need to bring insect protectants on every camping trip?

Yes, you might be subjected to insects anywhere in the wild; therefore, you must bring insect protectants.

What is the biggest tent size?

The maximum size for family tents is an 8-person tent which is widely available from various tent manufacturing companies.

What kind of space do large tents provide?

Typical 8-person tents have 120 to 140 sq ft area and standing or traveling height of around 6 feet.

Do larger tents come with a higher price tag at the campground?

Typically, campgrounds don’t charge more for larger tents as long as they don’t infringe on pitch borders.

Are bigger tents warmer than smaller ones?

Because there is less area to warm with your body heat, small tents are presumably warmer, and a larger tent is cooler.

Final Words

The large camping tents with rooms featured in this article have multiple attributes that make them suitable to be brought to any type of camping site. As long as you stick to the limit of people mentioned for each tent, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable stay even in the wildest areas! With that being said, there’s one camping tent from our list that slightly surpasses the other ones due to the qualities and features that it possesses.

So, our top pick is the Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room as it covers all the requirements of an ideal large camping tent. It’s durable, spacious, easy to set up, and affordable. Plus, the additional storage features are a bonus. If you purchase this tent, you do not have to worry about weather conditions or suffocation as it is made of waterproof material. Plus, even if the tent is fully packed, maximum air circulation will be offered due to the multiple large mesh windows. All in all, it’s surely our top choice out of all the large camping tents with rooms featured in this article.

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