How to Connect Two Tents
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How to Connect Two Tents Together?

How can you Connect two tents together?

Going on a group excursion and having to stay in separate tents has to be the worst part of the trip. But, we can’t disagree that carrying large tents is extremely unwieldy. Considering that, no doubt, the best way to ensure everyone stays under one roof is to connect two tents to make a bigger one.

Now, if you’re thinking about how to connect two tents, no worries, we’re here to break it verbally for you. For your better understanding, we’ve brought you the expert’s instructions. These instructions are really handy and easy to execute. So, without any further ado, let’s dive down to learn how to connect two tents together in the most convenient ways.

Things You Need to Know Before Jumping to the Real Task

Before averring the joining methods in detail, we’d like to bring to your attention some of the facts that are important for you to know. To your knowledge, the connection method varies depending on how many doors there are in the tent and whether it has connectable facilities. Thus, depending on your tent type, you need to carry some essential gears for your joining endeavor.

First, check whether the tents you have come with have any connectable features or not. If both tents have the same connectable Velcro tape or zipper facility, then you have no real work to do, just lock them up while joining and with this, you’re done, voila! But, when the connectable measures turn out to be different then the only way you have is to connect both of the tents using binder clips.

What next?

Now, when the tents you have don’t come along with any connectable features, then you’ll have to switch to different methods of joining. If any of the tents have more than one door then you can join the extra doors together. But, in this case, the openings need to be in similar sizes. When the sizes are different or when all the tents you have only have one door, then you need to use a tarp for joining. For such a mission, bagging the joining clips, cords, staking supplies, alternative tarp, and extra rainfly with you is more than essential.

These are some of the prerequisites you need to be aware of. Now that you know what else to carry with you aside from the tents, let’s dig out how to connect two tents together when they have no connectable features attached to them.

Connect the Tent Openings to Each Other with Clips

Clipping the door openings is one of the tried and true methods to connect two tents. Although it requires sundry requisite to meet, like the door openings need to be in similar shape and have similar width and length; both tents’ materials should be the same or alike; also the material should be stiff enough to withstand clipping without tearing, etc. So, when these all fit well, only then you’re good to go with the clipping method.

Not to mention, it’s a very handy process, and following this, you can easily achieve a neat joining. To being, first, fold the door drapes and put them aside, then bring both openings real close and set them together. Bind the edges slightly and start clipping from the bottom of one end and keep the process going until you reach the bottom of the other end. However, keep that in mind that even a mere exposed space can become a route for insects to enter, so cover all the area seamlessly.

Besides that, if the clips are not of good quality then there will remain a chance of leaking during any calamity. So, while shopping for the clips, pick the best of the binder clips of the market. Also, to ensure further security, you can draw a rainfly over the joined area. This will assure you a safe and sound tent joining experience for sure.

Lay a Tarp In Between to connect two tents

Now, here, we’ll introduce another prevalent method of joining tents together. You will be surprised to know that this method works wonders when you’re aiming to create some extra space. Despite some apparent hurdles, this method is highly practiced by most campers. Perhaps, because of the reason that this method can be readily applicable between any two tents regardless of their types.

As we’ve already asserted what you need to bring with you to go at it, so make sure to put them in your luggage accordingly. To start, install both tents by the book and position them in parallel keeping 3-5ft space in between. Now, make straight lines of cords by tying them to the top of both tent poles. Once you’re done with tying, lay a sizable tarp on top of them and allow it to fall equally on both sides. Followed by that, stake both edges of the tarp on the ground evenly.

In cases when both the tent has only one door, use two tarps and lay in a way that creates a little opening in the middle out of the overlap. You should enclose the made closure with binder clips so that no dust or insects get a passway. Just open them once you need to get in or get out. With this, you not only have just connected two tents, but you also get some extra space in the vicinity.

Final Thoughts

This article is specially prepared for those who are lately looking to learn how to connect two tents together. We have tried to bring up all the aspects that one may need to know to make it happen. If you’re planning to buy new tents, we advise you to buy the one that comes with built-in connectable features to ensure an easy connecting experience. If you’d to watch how to connect two tents together, see this video 

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