10 best Multi Room Camping Tents

For any wild adventures or camping, a tent is the most convenient solution when shelter crosses our minds. It is compact, easy to carry and assemble which makes it perfect for camping or any adventures. Secondly, when it comes to a large group, multi room camping tents work best!

Usually, the idea we hold about regular tents is something that is good enough to accommodate one or two people. But, when it comes to camping with a large group of people, friends or family, these tents cannot accommodate so many people. In this article, we are going to talk about multi room camping tents in detail and review the top ten that you can buy right now.

Why Multi room camping tents are a good option?

Setting up multiple tents is much more time-consuming than setting up a single tent. You also need to go to another tent if you need to communicate with anyone staying in another tent, which makes a regular tent not convenient at all.

Let’s talk about something that is actually convenient in this situation – multi-room camping tents! A multi room camping tent comes with multiple partitions dividing it into multiple rooms.
Living in a multi room camping tent gives you the feel of living in a mini apartment which makes it perfect for a group of people.

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Multi room Camping Tent

If you made up your mind about buying a multiple-room camping tent, the next step is to pick a decent tent that would suit your camping needs. However, picking a decent tent is not an easy job. You need to know a few things before picking the right tent for you. Now, we are going to discuss the things to look out for when buying a multi-room camping tent.


The main reason you’re choosing to buy a multi-room camping tent over a regular one is mostly that you need more space to accommodate more people. The capacity of a multi-room camping tent implies how many people would be able to sleep in it. Let’s say that you are traveling along with three other people which makes a total of four people in a tent. You need a four-man tent.

However, there is a very common complaint among multi-room tent users that these capacity specifications do not consider extra room for keeping accessories. So you might run out of space for keeping accessories or any other things if you buy a tent according to the exact capacity. So, it is recommended to buy a tent of more capacity like buying a five/six-man tent for a group of four.

Number of Rooms

This is another important factor to consider before buying multi-room camping tents. As it is “multi room camping tents”, there is more than one room involved. So you need to know how many rooms you want before buying a multi room camping tent. Determining the number of rooms is closely linked with the number of people living in the tent and their privacy concerns. Let’s say, everyone wants privacy, you would need a four-room tent for a group of four. Couples or single female members might require separate rooms too. So, before buying a multi-room camping tent, determine the exact number of rooms you will be needing.

Number of Doors

The number of doors can vary from tent to tent. There can be separate doors for each room or one door for the entire tent. Separate doors for each room is good because it offers better privacy. Moreover, you won’t be needing to run into each other or interfere with anyone while entering or leaving the tent.


Tents can be particularly low or high in height. If you or any of your campmates prefer to stand or walk around in the tent, you would need a tent high enough to facilitate that. But there are limitations with tents with higher heights.  A higher tent won’t be the best choice for windy or cold environments, where a lower tent can withstand wind and offer better wind protection. But a lower tent is only good for sitting. You won’t be able to walk around in a lower tent.


Multi room camping tent can be available in different shapes and each shape offers unique benefits. There are shapes available such as a cabin tent and a tunnel tent. A cabin tent is usually higher in height and provides more room where a tunnel tent is lower in height and has a tunnel look-alike entrance. A cabin tent is not good when it comes to withstanding wind but tunnel tents do a much better job. However, sleeping capacity remains unaffected by the shape of the tent.


The materials used to make the tent has a direct connection with the build quality and durability of the tent. Tents can be made out of high-quality nylon or low-quality fabric. Tents made out of high-quality materials are likely to last for a long time and survive extreme weather conditions. And high-quality tents are significantly pricier than cheap tents but it is totally worth it.


A tent is not likely to be as big as your living room. It can be congested and you don’t want to become sweaty and feel suffocated for the lack of proper ventilation. Pick a tent that has adequate ventilation such as mesh windows that can be zipped closed when the weather gets cold at the night. There are also other ventilation mechanisms that you can check out. But make sure that it involves mesh because you don’t want mosquitos or any other insects in the mesh.


The main purpose of a tent is to provide shelter that includes keeping you dry in rain or a foggy atmosphere by being waterproof. But some tents come at a cheap price providing inadequate water resistance. There also might be tents that prioritize ventilation too much which can let water in or even leak water. Unless you decide to camp somewhere that has zero possibility of rain, it is recommended to pick a tent that is capable of resisting heavy rain.


A common issue with cheap tents is that they might get weakened by strong wind and might even get blown away in the worst-case scenario. And if the tent lets wind in, you might get very cold and develop hypothermia.  We suggest buying a tent that is built strong enough to resist wind.


Setting up tents can be very boring, time-consuming, and sometimes, it requires an expert or experienced people to set up properly. There are a lot of tent kits out there that are very difficult to set up and lacks proper instructions. Pick a tent kit that is easy to set up and comes with a proper instruction manual that will guide you through the whole setup process and make it easy.


The bigger the tent gets, the more concerning it is because you need to pack a lot of other things than the tent, and managing enough space to fit a big multi room camping tent can be challenging. So make sure that the tent can be packaged into a compact form that will allow you to travel with it easily.

Top 10 Multi room camping tents 

After going through the previous segment, you will be able to pick a decent multi room camping tent. But for your convenience, we made a list of the top ten multi room camping tents that you can buy right now for your upcoming adventure.

1. Vango Odyssey Inflatable Family Tunnel Tent

Vango Odyssey Inflatable Family Tunnel Tent

Description: This is a decent multi room camping tent that comes in a great package containing everything you need for a remarkable camping experience. It is also built out of Sentinel Active Plus fabric is equipped with Protex 70 denier waterproof fire retardant flysheet that is very durable and can withstand water as well as fire. It comes with Vango patented TBS II tension band system that protects the overall structural integrity of the tent in extreme conditions.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with three rooms and can occupy six persons
  • High waterproof rating
  • Easy to set up
  • Very sturdy built quality
  • Large package
  • Quite expensive
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2. Travel Lodge FR Luxury Family Camping Tent

Travel Lodge FR Luxury Family Camping Tent

Description: This is a decent cave-style multi room camping tent that packs plenty of features. It is very well suited for camping with the family or a big group. This tent additionally comes with high-quality materials that will protect you in any weather condition and is also capable of withstanding strong wind flow. It has PU coating with a high waterproof rating. It features detachable inner kits that allow you to customize the space you will be using. There are three zippered doors and mesh windows for adequate ventilation and mosquito prevention.

Pros & Cons

  • Very spacious
  • High waterproof rating
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Detachable inner tents
  • No built-in shell footprint
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3. Ozark Trail Base Camp

Ozark Trail Base Camp

Description: If you are looking for a multi room camping tent that can accommodate a lot of people, this tent can be a great pick for you. And by multi-room, we mean more than 10 people. This tent can accommodate up to 14 people with ease. This tent features a high-quality smooth zipper door that is rustproof and won’t get stuck. There are individual doors for each room and 12 windows in total for optimal ventilation. This tent is waterproof that can provide excellent protection from rain and the seams are taped that prevents leakage.

Pros & Cons

  • Very spacious
  • Mesh ceiling providing excellent ventilation
  • Can accommodate 14 people
  • Might be only suitable for car camping
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4. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Description: This is the perfect multi room camping tent for two people that comes with two-room providing proper privacy and protection to the campers. This is a standing tent, which means you will be able to stand and walk freely in this tent. Even though it’s a two-person tent, it has adequate space to store all the necessary things. It has separate windows for each room which means two doors. It also comes with six windows with mesh vents for decent airflow.

Pros & Cons

  • Spacious
  • Decent ventilation
  • Prioritizes privacy
  • Not ideal for stormy weather
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5. Vango Capri 400 Tent

Vango Capri 400 Tent

Description: This is a unique tunnel-style tent that can be a great pick for a group of four people. This is easy to set up requiring no poles which is a great deal and offers a lot of space. It comes with a tension band system that helps it to withstand harsh weather conditions. It remains dark inside even in the daytime so that you can peacefully sleep in it anytime.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with doors in every compartment
  • Extended front
  • Durable
  • Cannot be extended
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6. CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Description: This is a great tent for a large camping party that can accommodate up to 12 people with multiple rooms offering plenty of privacy options. This is very easy and convenient to set up. There are room dividers that you can use to make three rooms. There are built-in electric cord access ports that will do wonders in this era of technology. It comes with a rainfly that can be removed to let more air in and enjoy views in summer.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy setup
  • Comes with a room divider
  • Comes with two doors
  • Rainfly not suitable to use in harsh weather
  • No external living space
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7. Ozark 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent

Description: This is a three-room cabin tent that offers a lot of features including excellent space management and privacy. This multi-room tent comes with individual doors for each room with 10 windows that provide excellent ventilation. It is designed in a way that will ensure airflow from every angle. The rooms are very spacious and you will find adequate space to store your accessories. It is also an electric port that will allow you to charge your devices with ease.

Pros & Cons

  • Great privacy option
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Waterproof
  • Not the ideal tent for stormy weather
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8. Coleman Connectable Tent Bundle

Coleman Connectable Tent Bundle

Description: This is a modular tent that comes in a two-tent bundle that can be put together to assemble a two-room tent. It comes with pre-attached poles and a hub, so setting it up is a piece of cake. Though this is a two-tent kit that can be connected, it has two extra connection points that can be used to connect two more tents. The connection process is very straightforward, zip it together, and you’re good to go. Each room has separate doorways.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to set up
  • Modular
  • Expandable
  • Weatherproof
  • No dedicated storage area
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9. Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent 

Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent 

Description: This is a unique tent that is a great family consisting of more than 10 members. It can accommodate up to 14 people and comes with many amazing features.

This tent comes with four rooms with separate entrances and has 12 windows offering excellent ventilation, it also features a full mesh ceiling which is easy to set up. There are even room dividers that can be used to make it into one large tent.

Pros & Cons

  • Wide and spacious
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Easily accessible rooms
  • No separate door for the living room
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10. Vango Odyssey 800 Family Tunnel Tent

Vango Odyssey 800 Family Tunnel Tent

Description: If you are looking for a high-quality multi room camping tent for your family that you can use in almost any weather condition and last for a long time, this can be a solid pick for you. This tunnel-style tent offers all the family needs. It is made out of a high-quality Protex 70 denier waterproof fire retardant flysheet with fully taped seams. It comes with a tension band system that helps it hold up really well in adverse weather conditions.

Pros & Cons

  • Has three rooms
  • Wide and spacious
  • Water-resistant
  • No individual doors for each room
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Camping is always fun and great for a decent vacation! If you are off camping with a big group of people, multi room camping tents can make your camping experience much better and elevated.

We hope this article has helped you as a guide to refer to before buying a multi room camping tent.

FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is setting up multi room camping tents difficult?

It can be difficult for some tents. but some tents are really easy to build as well. Follow the instructions which will make it a lot easier.

2. Can I sleep in a tent in the daytime?

Of course, you can. Some tents will keep the inside dark even in bright sunlight which is ideal for the situation.

3. Are tents safe to sleep in?

Tents are safe to sleep in unless you are camping in an area filled with ferocious animals or in harsh weather conditions.

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