Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Review

Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Tent Review

An essential thing while camping is to stay in a comfortable place. Suppose you are looking for a comfy and big tent to stay in with your buddies while camping. This Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Tent review will help you to know its features, advantages, and drawbacks. 

The Tent’s Material

Big Agnes Bunk House 4

Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Tent is made primarily of polycystic fiber. If you don’t know what it is, just know that it is a very strong fabric. Polycystic fibers, unlike cotton and other natural fabrics, do not tear, stretch, or pill easily.

Because of its resilience, polyester clothes can withstand damage from machine washing and do not require special maintenance. The polycystic fiber in the Big Agnes Bunk House 4 is breathable and coated for greater durability and a better experience. The poles of the tents are made of aluminum.

Weather Standability

Big Agnes Bunk House 4

Even though the eh tent is made of layers, all the seams are taped to prevent the water from sneaking in your tent while raining. The Bunk House is outstanding in terms of design and function, but its distinctive rainfly/vestibule combination truly stood out for you as a user. This is also a very useful article on how to camp in the rain

The Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Tent includes a “shelter mode” option that lets you use the fly and its pole-supported vestibule as an independent canopy without the tent. It’s an excellent partner for day-use places and sunny beach days. 

Internal Space

Big Agnes Bunk House 4

The Big Agnes Bunk House is a tent that is large enough for a family of four (mom, dad, kids) or perhaps a maximum of three adults, with 58 square feet of floor area (almost 7.5’ x 7.5’). Taller people may experience some head bumping as the inside height is only 70” or slightly under 6 feet. This won’t be an issue, though, because the tent is meant chiefly for sleeping rather than standing and doing sports there.

The 4 people designation certainly lives up to its name, as you can put four full-sized sleeping pads inside with a few feet to spare at the front entrance as an exit.

Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Entries and Vestibules

Big Agnes Bunk House 4 tent is designed with two large doors, a doormat, and two vestibules. Two enormous doors may be opened and closed with a zipper. Both entrances open onto huge vestibules with plenty of outside storage room for dirty belongings.

The front door has vestibules where you may store your bike, generator, or cooler. Plenty of room for your bulky items! The vestibule at the back will now have ample space to keep dirty shoes.

Furthermore, the front vestibule is pole supported and may be used as an awning. It indicates you’ll be able to chill in your tent. This experience will be enhanced by the addition of shade and weather protection. The doormat is a very useful feature that prevents other campers from dragging mud and dirt inside your tent.

Air Circulation While Doors are Closed

You might be wondering if there are more than two people in the tent will they be able to breathe while the door is closed? To answer this will go back to the polycystic fiber that is breathable. The center cell of the tent is designed with a large swath of mesh which increases air circulation and fights concentration.

Interior Features

Numerous minor touches may significantly improve your camping experience. Several features in the Big Agnes Bunk House 4 may make your time spent relaxing inside your tent with family or friends more pleasant. 

  • Two detachable corner pockets and machine washable are provided for you. You may put all of your various sundries in these pockets where they will be easy to find. You don’t have to waste time hunting for your socks or sunglasses in your luggage.
  • Four mesh compartments serve as a sort of in-person storage. The detachable pockets provide space, but the mash pockets may also be utilized to store priceless personal items. You can quickly store your keys, wallet, and phone.
  • Two media pockets are provided so you may watch a movie or a video while relaxing after a busy day.
  • Your tent likely has a lot of these inside attachment loops or connections. It can be used to carry items for tent lighting.

Setting-up Process

Despite being a cabin-style tent, this tent pitches easily because the structure is simply a standard dome shape. There is no color tagging on the poles or tent body, but no instructions are needed because the two main support poles are the same size and length. For short campers or kids, the center awning pole could be a bit of a reach.

However, the Big Agnes Bunk House 4 is just under six feet tall, so reaching the center pole won’t be a problem. All of the extra features require a little extra time to arrange, and it takes just over 10 minutes to put everything together, including building the pole-supported vestibule and laying out the welcome mat.

Storing and Packing

The Big Agnes Bunk House 4 tent comes with a backpack-style carrying bag. The key characteristics of this bag are the adjustable shoulder straps and the webbing handles. This bag will make carrying your tent easier and more convenient while protecting it from damage.


  • Super versatility.
  • Very high-quality materials.
  • Ease of packing/transport.
  • Weatherproof.


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for tall people 
  • The door zipper design might look odd to some users.


How much does the tent weigh?
The Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Tent weighs 17 lbs 2 oz, making it a relatively heavy option compared to some other backpacking tents. It is more suitable for car camping or base camping.

What is the tent made of?
The tent body is made of polyester taffeta and the tent fly is made of a waterproof polyester ripstop. The poles are made of durable aluminum.

How many people does the tent sleep?
The Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Tent is a 4-person tent, designed to sleep 4 people comfortably.

Is the tent easy to set up?
The Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Tent has a simple, 3-pole design and color-coded setup, which should make it relatively easy to set up. It also includes a stake-out loop to help secure it in windy conditions.

Is the tent suitable for backpacking?
Due to its relatively heavy weight and large packed size, the Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Tent is not the best choice for backpacking trips. It is more suitable for car camping or base camping, where weight and packed size are less of a concern.

Do the front awning poles come with the Big Agnes Bunk House 4 tent, or must they be purchased separately?
You must purchase them separately. The ideal piles are of medium or short length.

Is there enough room inside with the doors closed for more than two adults?
Yes, it has been built so that more than just couples or individuals may stay there. The internal room is enough, especially as you can easily store your backpacks close to the tent’s back door.


The Big Agnes Bunk House 4 tent seems like a sensible choice with all the characteristics listed above. If you enjoy camping, even if it is a costly option, you might want to consider investing in this tent.

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