Tarptent Stratospire Li Review

While going hiking with your closest friend or your life partner, you will be for sure looking for a tent that is light weighted and roomy for both of you. The Tarptent Stratospire Li tent is one of the best products you can purchase because it is super weather resistant, made of very good quality materials, and so adaptable. Go through the Tarptent Stratospire Li Tent Review which provides a comprehensive overview of all its features and qualities.

Material and Weather Resistance

Tarptent Stratospire Li Review

The Tarptent Stratospire Li tent has a double wall tent that is made is composed of Dyneema fabric (DCF) which is a Cuben Fiber (CTF3). It’s made of two sheets of polyester and, between them, a thin layer of ultra-high-weight polyethylene.

DCF is a strong non-woven material used in applications requiring great strength and low weight. As a consequence, you will be purchasing a lightweight tent with great levels of protection from snow, wind, and rain.

With catenary cut textiles and angled panels to improve strength and decrease fabric stretch and flapping, the tent’s body is thoughtfully engineered to remain taut in severe winds and snow loads.

The tent has many guylines that you should not ignore using of them. Tying all the tent’s guylines is essential to improve your tent’s wind and snow-loading resistance.


Tarptent Stratospire Li Review

The Tarptent Stratospire Li design is intended to improve the tent’s breathability in a straightforward yet clever manner. The first step is to double the holes that were formed for the trekking poles’ support as air vents. This converts to two top vents.

The second feature is a vent that is held up by carbon fiber shunts in each of the vertical corners. Additionally, the front vestibule allows for better air circulation.

A product with good ventilation and minimal condensation was produced thanks to the vestibule and vents. The tent’s inner is made of mesh to enhance breathability as well.


The Tarptent Stratospire Li tent’s design is unique in that it separates the floor or the sleeping area of the tent from the surroundings, including the vestibule. The guylines and thor tightness create a big vestibule in front of the mesh tent you will stay in. now, this visibility is iìenoght to store your things, cook, keep your dirty shoes and even keep your dog if you have one. You can even check out tents for camping with your dog

The Setting-up Process of the Tarptent Stratospire Li tent

This tent is so easy to set up and does not require time or effort. However, you need to know that is a free-standing tent. This means you should carry trekking poles with you to be able to set up the tent. Even check out how to set up a tent in rain

Step 1

Lay out the canopy and stake the vestibules. To do so, you should use two poles and 4 stakes. Make sure to set the poles at 120-125cm. Stake in the vestibules will require using 15 cm of cording out to each stake. What you have to do next is to insert the trekking pole handle side down in the hole. Secure the tip of the pole into the grommet after that. Pull the ridge line across and insert the second pole in its place. Finally, stack low corners.

Step 2

The next step is to stack the Pitchloc ends. To do so, pull the Pitchloc support stack through a loop. Repeat for the rest of Pitchloc support stacks through their loops. Then use the line tightener all the way around.

Step 3

Open one of the tent doors and adjust the interior apex as needed for better tension. Then open the interior door using the clip and loop to access the interior floor of the tent. No to adjust the floor tension, you have to strap at low corners.

Your tent is now ready to use!


After setting the tent, the floor area, along with the vestibule, is 114cm x 214cm. When tightening the guylines, the width will increase by 84 cm in the middle and decrease towards the sides. The peak height is 119 cm.


  • The vestibule’s zipper flaps enhance drip protection. In other words, not only the tent wall is waterproof but also the zippers.
  • Doors pockets to keep your thing close to you whenever needed, especially at night time.
  • Optional guylines for stability and side opening
  • You are not stuck with one design or one shape. In the case of doors, for example, you can open only one of the exterior doors of the tent.

This is highly beneficial in case of storms or rainy days in the sense that your personal space inside will be extra protected. also, if you would like the sun to enter the tent, you can open both doors and enjoy the sunlight and heat.

On the other hand, the side guylines can help you adjust the space and shape of your tent in your preferable way. The tent is highly adaptable. There are clip-in points that are responsible for attaching and detaching the floor and the bug net.

Something Extra about the Tarptent Stratospire Li tent

In case you are camping in the desert or in a natural place where you wanna enjoy the sky and natural beauty around you, this tent can be set without the outer Dyneema fly. This will give the vibe of enjoyment as the mesh will offer you a beautiful view and, at the same time, protect you from insects.


1. How much does the Tarptent Stratospire Li tent weigh?
The Tarptent Stratospire Li tent weighs approximately 2 lbs 12 oz.

2. How many people does the Tarptent Stratospire Li tent accommodate?
The Tarptent Stratospire Li tent can comfortably accommodate two people.

3. Is the Tarptent Stratospire Li tent freestanding?
No, the Tarptent Stratospire Li tent requires staking to be set up properly.

4. Is the Tarptent Stratospire Li tent waterproof?
Yes, the Tarptent Stratospire Li tent has a waterproof rainfly and bathtub floor to protect against wet weather.

5. How much interior space does the Tarptent Stratospire Li tent have?
The Tarptent Stratospire Li tent has 32 square feet of interior space, providing plenty of room for two people to sleep and store gear.

6. Will condensation form inside the Tarptent Stratospire Li tent if water is boiled or food is prepared?
Even if you forget to use a cover, the ventilation feature within the tent will keep this from happening.

7. What if you do not want to use trekking poles?
Do not worry. There is an option to purchase foldable aluminum poles. These poles will wight only four ounces.


We hope that after reading this Tarptent Stratospire Li review, you are aware of how special this tent is. With a fairly low weight, this tent does not lack a sense of creativity in design. The features, durability, and weather standability are unique for a tent with less than 1 kg tent.


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