Big Agnes Bunk House 6 Review

Big Agnes Bunk House 6 Review

When you decide to go camping with your family, the first thing you might consider purchasing is a good quality tent. Also, the tent must be big enough so all your family member can stay in, especially during nighttime. This Big Agnes Bunk House 6 review can be beneficial for you in choosing the best tent for you. The quality, features, and space are so practical for a family camping trip.

Materials and Durability

Big Agnes Bunk House 6

Even though the fabric is thin, the body, fly, and floor if the Big Agnes Bunk House 6 tent all have a very solid and self-assured feel. The fabric has been cleverly manufactured and developed to be stable and flexible at the same time. Polyester, coated polyester, and nylon mesh were the materials utilized to make this tent.

The polyester floor is tough enough to withstand a considerable amount of punishment, and the tent’s body is made of a combination of coated, breathable polyester and nylon mesh. The tent poles are constructed of DAC DA17 aluminum and have a 14.5mm diameter. To make this tent last even longer

Space and Dimensions

Big Agnes Bunk House 6

The Big Agnes Bunk House 6 tent has a floor area of 83 square feet. The dimensions of the floor are 118 x 100 inches. In addition, there is a vestibule area of 37 square feet.

Given that the peak height is 81 inches, the internal height is what distinguishes this tent. The pre-bent poles that start more vertically until they are almost at head height, and then they ultimately bend (turn) inwards towards the apex at steeper angles to assist optimize the space around the edges.

Setting the Big Agnes Bunk House 6

It is worth mentioning that you can rely only on the tent’s body for emergencies and very short camping rest. The body can provide shelter, while the fly offers extra features and space for long camping and night camping.

Putting the poles together is not a tricky part. However, if you are not familiar with it, you can easily follow the instruction provided in the backpack. The first thing so is to prepare the poles. Next, you will use three of the four poles provided to put up the body of the tent.

Two long poles and one short. The fourth pole will go with the fly to create the outside vestibule area. There are sticks to make your tent steady as well. You can use them to connect the poles to the grounds. There you go! Your tent is ready to use!

The Features

Big Agnes Bunk House 6 tent pays attention to the small elements that improve the user experience. And these are the features:

  • Tie-downs are located throughout the fly to assist you in rolling the vestibules back.
  • Doormat: The tent’s front door has a doormat. Its purpose is to keep your tent clean. Keep your dirty shoes outside and enter your tent barefoot or with socks. Inside your tent, there will be no dirt or mud.
  • Full fly design that goes all the way to the ground
  • Plenty of guy lines to help you tie out the fly. It is also used to help circulate the air in the tent by pulling the fly away from the tent’s body. 
  • Plastic clips: these clips are mainly used to connect and clip the fly to the tent’s body.
  • Dual zippers door
  • Corner gear pockets: mainly to help you organize your things inside the tent. You can say that it works as a shelf. These pockets are detachable, so you can move them to any corner of your tent.
  • Two media pockets
  • Four mesh pockets

Air Circulation

You can anticipate constant airflow in your tent because the whole roof and half of the sides are mesh. Additionally, the guy lines on the fly support the fly and allow more fresh air to enter your tent.

The doors are made of mesh fabric on them to aid with better airflow, especially at night. The doors may double as windows throughout the day to provide sunshine and air ventilation inside the tent.

Storing and Packing:

Big Agnes Bunk House 6 tent comes in a little backpack in comparison to its big size. The backpack design is well organized. You will see multiple compartments in the backpack. Each was meant to hold a specific part of the tent and its gear.

The fly and the body are separated into different sections, while the poles are placed in a specific pocket. Also, there are small zippers for the repair sleeve, stakes, strapping and tie-downs.


The coated polyester fabric, along with the tapes, helps in preventing water and rain from entering your tent. For extra protection, the fly works as an outside waterproofing shelter. In case of rain, just zip up the doors and enjoy the smell of the rain without becoming wet. Even read how you can camp in the rain

On the other hand, you can use the vestibule to enjoy your hot coffee while watching the rain as it will be sheltered with the fly. Storm flaps are built into the zippers on the doors. Big Agnes Bunk House 6 tent ensures that both doors are sealed and stormproof. Since the fly does not protect the doors, this function is critical during a storm or heavy wind.


  • Optimal height
  • Weatherproofing
  • Easy to set up
  • steady


  • The zipper design might not be comfortable for the user
  • The rear vestibule is not closed, and things can be lost if kept there


What is the tent’s capacity?
The Big Agnes Bunk House 6 Tent is a 6-person tent, meaning it can comfortably sleep up to six people.

How large is the tent?
The Big Agnes Bunk House 6 Tent has a floor area of approximately 110 square feet, with a peak height of 6 feet 4 inches.

What is the tent’s frame made of?
The frame of the Big Agnes Bunk House 6 Tent is made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum.

Is the tent easy to set up?
Yes, the Bunk House 6 Tent is designed for easy setup. It uses a freestanding design, so you don’t need to use stakes or guylines to hold it up. The tent also has color-coded attachment points to help you quickly and easily connect the tent body to the frame.

Is the tent suitable for all seasons?
The Big Agnes Bunk House 6 Tent is a three-season tent, meaning it is designed for use in spring, summer, and fall. It is not intended for use in extreme winter conditions.

What is the best way to clean this tent?
Because the materials this tent is made from are highly durable you can easily use a washing machine to clean the Big Agnes Bunk House 6 tent

Will 6 sleeping bags fit inside easily?
They will fit inside but not easily, you will need to play smart to fit the six bags comfortably. 


You might be able to identify the things you want in your tent after reading this Big Agnes Bunk House 6 tent review. We did our best to give all of the necessary information for you as a user to know about this product. It is now up to you to evaluate this tent and decide whether or not to purchase it.

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