6 men camping tent

The Best Camping Tents for 6 Persons

Among travel enthusiasts, there’s growing popularity of larger camping tents. One of the most popular types of camping tent is the 6 Men Camping Tent. And if you are searching for one, our top picks of 6 Men Camping Tent can help you pick the best one. Here goes our list of 6 Men Camping Tent

1. Coleman Instant Cabin 6-Person Tent

6 men camping tent

The Instant Cabin tent for 6 People from Coleman is an excellent option. This tent has an easy setup process and can sustain extreme weather. You do not even have to attach any pole to set it up. Its poles keep getting attached to its fabric which is why it’s called the instant cabin. Also, you do not have to add on a rainfly. 

Additionally, there is no need to add on a rainfly. It already integrates into the fabric of the tent. After snapping all the poles right into place, the setup is complete and ready to use. This tent’s simplicity is one of its best features. This six men camping tent can last many years with excellent service. 


  • 1 minute set up a time
  • WeatherTec system 
  • 150D/150D taped/polyester seams
  • Rugged Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric
  • Integrated rainfly with vent
  • It comes with a measurement of 10′ x 9′ feet and a center height of 6′
  • Limited warranty of 1 year

2. Ozark Trail 6-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

6 men camping tent

This 6 Men camping tent from Ozark Trail is another excellent option due to its super easy setup. This tent is great as it keeps the tent dark. This tent gives you a quite dark and very comfortable place for relaxing even in the broad sunlight. Thanks to its unique “Dark Rest” technology, which is excellent for camping even with kids as they can take naps easily in these tents. Also, this instant cabin tent has a pretty easy setup process. The poles and tent remain attached; all you have to do is to snap the sticks right into the place to set up. This tent also features a rainfly that you can attach during cold temperatures or rain. 


  • Easy setup
  • Pre-attached Poles 
  • ‘Dark-Rest’ Technology
  • Skylights and ceiling panels
  • Sufficient for two queen air beds
  • Rainfly with seams coming with factory seals 
  • Three windows
  • Gear organizer & gear loft included
  • Access to Electrical cord 
  • Carry bag 

3. West Wind 6-Person Tent from Cabela

6 men camping tent

This six-men camping tent from Cabela is designed for handling extreme weather conditions. Its waterproof rainfly covers the tent, and you can be relaxed from the fear of getting wet. It has a bathtub-style floor, so there is no chance of water coming through its bottom.

This tent can handle harsher weather and higher wind compared to other tents, as it features a frame of 5 poles. Apart from the rainfly, this tent also features a vestibule, so you can have more space to keep extra stuff and dirty laundry. This six-men camping tent is an actual three-season tent that can keep you comfortable and dry even during harsh weather


  • Polyester taffeta walls of 75D with a coating of 1,500mm 
  • Lightweight five-poled fiberglass frame 
  • Polyester taffeta rainfly of 75D with a waterproof coating of 1,000mm 
  • Polyester taffeta floor of 75D with a layer of 1,500mm 
  • Hanging entertainment center with a power port
  • Gear loft
  • 04 mesh pockets
  • YKK zippers

4. Core 6-Person Dome Tent

This Dome Tent from Core is another great six-men camping tent. Its significant build-up gives you absolute comfort living inside it. It comes with 11′ x 9′ floor dimensions and offers lots of space for gear and sleeping. This tent is easy to set up and comes with only two poles for the main tent.

This six-men camping tent features a removable rainfly that brings more versatility to the tent for various weather conditions. Removing the rainfly and enjoying the sky is so smooth while there’s no rain or less warm temperature. Again attach the rainfly to save yourselves from rain. There are some other features like an air vent which you can open right at the bottom for extra airflow. It features an electrical port too, which makes having an extension cord in your tent easy. 


  • Removable rainfly
  • Easy to set up
  • Air vent at the bottom for extra airflow
  • Electrical port 

5. Coleman 6-Person Tent (Screen Room)

This six-men camping tent from Coleman can be a fantastic option providing extra room for your gear and space for relaxing. The screen room is an excellent escape from the bugs; outside of it, the main tent is a dome tent. This tent has quite an easy setup with two poles only for its main section and another extra pole for its screened room. The typical size of the main tent is 10′ x 9′. However, you get 10′ x 5′ of extra space from the screened room, which is a perfectly relaxing and storing space. The rainfly covers the screen room partially. It means that the screen room won’t remain entirely dry during rain.


  • 75D Polyester Taffeta 
  • Inverted seams and welded corners 
  • Rainfly 
  • 15 minutes setup time
  • Full floor screen room of 10 x 5 ft.
  • Accommodation of 2 queen-sized airbeds 
  • Carry bag 
  • Limited warranty of 1 year

6. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent

This six-men camping tent is another great option from our list of picks. It features a 17′ x 9′ footprint, which provides plenty of space inside the tent. It also comes along with a screen room attached to the tent. It is an excellent space for relaxing and is free of bugs. Also, you can enjoy it here under the shade, which will protect you from the sun’s scorching heat. This tent also brings other features that are not essential but cool. One of these features is the hinged door of this tent. It keeps the bugs out as you do not need to zip and unzip the tent all day. And it is a very well-made tent that can sustain extreme weather, and the service is top-notch.


  • Floor dimensions of 17′ x 9′ 
  • Center height of 6′ 10″
  • A Hinged door
  • A screened room without a floor
  • Rainfly 
  • Carrying Case 
  • Leak-free seams
  • Weather resistant fabrics
  • Waterproof floors


All the six men camping tents mentioned in this article are very well built, comfortable and great for weather extremes. I hope this guide has helped you to find the best tent according to your taste. 

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