how to fold a playhut tent

How to Fold a Playhut Tent

Playhut tents are very popular among children these days. Now if you have one for your child and want to take it somewhere then you need to understand how to fold a playhut tent. Because unless you follow the procedure in the right manner, they can be very difficult to fold properly.

So, if you are struggling with this problem then don’t worry because we are here for you. In this article, we will break down everything that you will need to know about how you can fold a playhut tent. Make sure to follow these steps to the point and we can assure you that you will be successful on your first try.

What is a Playhut Tent?

Playhouse or playhut tents are small form factor tents that serve the purpose of a children’s playhouse. In simple terms, a playhut tent is a miniature version of regular-sized tents that are intended to serve as a children’s playhouse.

They come with a complete build so that you don’t have to install them or break them out when you plan on taking them somewhere else. You can fold it and it will shrink into carrying size. Check out a range of great playhut tents

How to Fold a Playhut Tent: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now, while it can seem relatively easy on the first try, first-timers may find it hard to fold a playhut tent. But if you can follow the instructions right, it can be extremely easy.

To successfully fold a playhut tent, you should follow the given steps:

Step 1: Read the Manual

Now, this can seem like a simple step, but reading the manual will help you to understand how to fold a playhut tent easily. While there isn’t much difference between most playhut tents, there are still a few varieties of them out there. So, before you start to fold the playhut tent, read the manual at first.

Step 2: Unzip the Tent

A play hut tent can have many doors and windows which can be zipped and unzipped. If you plan of breaking down and fold a playhut tent then you should ensure that you have unzipped all the doors and windows of the playhut tent.

Step 3: Breaking the Tent

Place the tent on a smooth and even surface so that it doesn’t fall sideways. For most playhut tents four foldable poles serve as the skeleton of the tent. They also serve as the pillars that you will need to break down to fold the playhut tent.

So, once you have placed the tent on the surface, find the entrance of the tent put pressure on any one of the foldable poles that are adjacent to the entrance.

With a bit of pressure, the pole will break down easily and get inside the tent’s netting. Now, the tent should look like a butterfly’s wings.

Step 4: Folding the Butterfly Wings

Once the tent looks like butterfly wings, fold them together and fold them again afterward. The second time of folding, try to put one side atop of each other in a circular motion.  This will create a number ‘8’ – a shaped figure which you can fold again.

Step 5: Finishing Up with the Zipper

Now if you have done everything right the final folded version will look like a circle and the cover of the playhut tent should be on the sides. Pull the covers up and then zip the zipper chain. And you should end up with a perfectly folded playhut tent.

This is the procedure of how to fold a playhut tent. For most cases, this is how you will fold the tent. But if you face a different type of playhut tent that may have three or five foldable poles, what will you do?

Well, it won’t be that difficult because every playhut tent follows the same type of mechanics. If you look into the instruction manual of the tent then we believe you will understand it easily.

Now, do keep in mind that, this happens very rarely and almost every playhut tent that you will encounter can be folded by the mentioned steps.

FAQ – Fold a playhut tent

Here are the frequently asked questions about how to fold a playhut tent:

1. Can I fold a door-zipped playhut tent?
No, you can’t fold a door zipped playhut tent as you won’t be able to fold the supporting poles of the tent if the door is locked. The same goes for any windows or side doors the tent might have. Now if your playhut tent comes with a button-based door lock then you might have to lock it to fold it. Look into your manual for more details if you can’t seem to understand.

2. Are playhut tents gas-based?
No, playhut tents aren’t gas-based. They don’t have any relation with gas. Many make the mistake that playhut tents and balloon castles or balloon playhouses are the same. But they are not.

3. Are playhut tents heavy after folding?
In most cases, no, playhut tents shouldn’t weigh heavier folded compared to when they were installed. Only the size of a playhut tent shrinks down when you fold it.

4. Are playhut tents dangerous?
No, playhut tents are made for kids and pose no harm to the children. But check the age limit on your playhouse tent to be sure. If somehow, the tent gets damaged and one of the poles is poking out, then it shouldn’t be safe for children to play in it.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to fold a playhut tent can save parents from nightmares as these things can be quite difficult if you don’t follow the exact steps. But we are confident that if you follow our mentioned steps accordingly then you will have no problem folding a playhut tent.

So, next time you go packing your child’s toys, amaze everyone by folding your child’s playhut tent in one try! Best of luck! You can even check out this article on how to fold a pop up tent

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