how to make an outdoor canopy tent

How to Make an Outdoor Canopy Tent

Canopy tents are getting popular every day. All who used these, plus those who haven’t, claim it to be one of the most convenient tents out there. If you want to join in the hype and want to know how to make an outdoor canopy tent then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will take look at the different ways you can build your very own outdoor canopy tent with a detailed step-by-step guide. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details, shall we? Even check out our article on how you can make a tent at home

Steps Of Making Shade Canopy Tent Alongside a Wall

Here are the steps that you will need to follow to make an outdoor canopy tent

Step 1: Bringing A Grommeted Canvas-Drop Cloth

If you’re going to use this approach to make an outdoor canopy tent, you’ll need to start by carrying a canvas-drop cloth that has grommets with them. You can also use a tarp.

Ensure the material you’re carrying offers similar height and breadth as the area where your tent will be set up. After you’ve got the fabric, look over the measurements of clothes or trap for when you’re going to drill holes on the wall to construct a section for the tent.

Step 2: Drilling The Wall

After that, the wall must have two holes in them. When drilling the holes, make sure they’re about 1-foot closer compared to the separation between the two grommets. They should also be 7 feet above the surface.

These holes ensure that you can build a canopy peak for your outdoor canopy tent

Step 3: Place The Hooks

For the third step of making your own outdoor canopy tent , firmly insert hooks into the drilled holes. The fabric or sheet will be secured with the wall using these hooks.

Step 4: Tie The Cloth On Placed Hooks

It’s now up to you to secure the fabric with your hooks. Tie each corner of the fabric to the hooks using a rope. After you’ve done that, your fabric or tarp should hang to the wall.

Step 5: Sticking The Poles In The Ground And Tying The Poles To The Corner

After you’ve secured the corners of the blanket, you’ll need to ensure that the remaining two sides are also secured. As a result, take the tent poles and attach your rope’s end to one of them. Then, connect the other end of the string to the cloth grommets. Afterward, continue to stretch the material until it is tight.

Step 6: Stretch The Ropes & Tie Those To The Tent Stakes

You must straighten out the other end of the rope. Set the tent stakes in this location after stretching the rope to its maximum stretched state. The cover may then be secured by simply tying the rope to your posts.

Step 7: Placing The Long Pole To The Canopy’s Center

In the final stage to make an outdoor canopy tent, just place the long pole. It needs to be placed in the middle of the tent. Place the pole’s bottom section inside the earth. The other end of the pole should raise the material, and the outdoor canopy tent will be ready.


Steps of Making a Canopy Tent with Tarp & Four Poles

Here are the steps that you will need to follow to make an outdoor canopy tent using this strategy

Step 1: Bring A Good Tarp And Grommets

The first step with this strategy to make an outdoor canopy tent is to carry a good tarp for your tent. Find a tent that fits your campsite. It is suggested that you choose a silver tarp. As it gives the finest shielding from sun and rain. If the silver tarp is not available, you might choose the blue tarp.

Step 2: Make Sure To Clear The Site

Following the delivery of the tarp, the following step is to clear the camping area and place the tarp. As a result, ensure the tent location is free of garbage and other obstructions. Then, at the area where you want to put up the tent, loosely extend the tarp.

Step 3: Attach Your Tent’s Poles

Following the expansion of the tarp, use the rope to secure the poles in each corner of the tarp. The points of the tent pole should be inserted into the grommets in each corner of the tarp. Then secure the poles with your rope by tying them in a near as possible knot.

Step 4: Lift The Tarp

You’ve completed most of your journey to make an outdoor canopy tent. Now you must raise the tarp and insert the poles to the ground. You’ll need the assistance of four individuals for this. Solicit assistance from your friends and instruct them to carry the four poles at each end of your tarp. Then carefully raise and extend the tarp until it is taut. Afterward, extend the poles as much as feasible within the hole.

Step 5: Stretch The Ropes

You must now use the poles to fix your tent. For that, you’ll need to utilize the rope. So, from every point of the tarp, extend out the rope. Then, grab the rope and stretch it out with all of your might. Thereafter, drive the stake into the soil with a hammering and knot the rope to the poles.

Step 6: Put A Large Tent In The Middle Of The Tarp

You’re almost finished building your outdoor canopy tent. It’s an easy procedure to follow. Simply place a large pole in the middle of the tarp and secure it to the ground in this stage.

In comparison to other poles, you must use a long pole to hoist the center of the tarp. Once you’ve completed this, your own outdoor canopy tent will be ready to use.


If you have come this far from the article, then we strongly believe that you now understand how to make an outdoor canopy tent all by yourself. Make sure you follow the steps accordingly. Based on your experience, you may not get the process right on the first try, and that’s completely okay.

We recommend practicing this beforehand to those who are new to this. In this way, you’ll be able to ensure that you don’t waste any time when you’re camping. Check out all canopy tents that you can buy

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