REI Grand Hut 6

REI Grand Hut 6 Review

The REI Grand Hut 6 has been a mainstay in the company’s tent collection for a long time. The hut is distinguished by its classic dome design and high-grade materials. Moreover, the vehicle camping-focused type is a popular pick for individuals. Thus, it is trying to balance an extensive interior and reliable protection from the elements. 

Moreover, the hut is available in capacities that can accommodate either four or six people. So, if you consider purchasing the REI Grand Hut 6, you will be pleased by its sturdiness. Moreover, it can withstand harsh situations, possess long-lasting materials, and has ample storage space inside and outside. Thus, please be patient with us as we discuss the REI Grand Hut 6 review in further detail.

Inside the REI Grand Hut 6

REI Grand Hut 6

The REI Grand Hut 6 offers a generous amount of living space thanks to its dome-like shape. The hut is a 74-inch peak in height and has two large doors. The design of the crisscrossing five poles does an excellent job of elongating the walls upward and away from you. So, there is room for many campers to roam about, and the area’s height is around 6 feet. The fact that you can effortlessly stand up amid the tent is one of the most remarkable aspects of the REI grand hut 6. 

Furthermore, you can extend your arms fully and yet be able to touch both walls. This is not achievable in the other tents. Regarding sleeping, the proportions of the square floor are around 3 meters in height and breadth. Some people may feel cramped if you cannot place six regular 20-inch sleeping mats side-by-side. But there is a slim chance that five sleeping pads will fit. Thus, to create space for a sixth pad, you must lay perpendicularly at either the head or the foot end.

And we believe it would be better to size up in terms of capacity when purchasing a camping tent. Even when families have children of a younger age, the REI grand hut 6 is most suitable for gatherings of three or four people. So, the hut provides plenty of space to stretch out while sleeping. Moreover, there is enough padding for wider pads or mattresses while allowing sufficient room to change clothes and move around.


In this review, we discovered that the ventilation was only adequate. This is because the company prioritized blocking the wind and rain, then ensuring proper airflow. Even with the partial mesh doors open, the rainfly vents pushed up, and the floor vents unzipped. 

So, the REI grand hut 6 cannot match a design with a significant amount of mesh. The thick fabric side walls and the rainfly that covers the whole opening restrict air circulation. Still, it is an effective solution for mild temperatures.

Design Integrity 

Poles and Stakes 

The structure of the frame is made up of poles made from 6061 aluminum. It comes together at the top as an integrated hub component. This type is known as a fast-pitch design by specific manufacturers. The hub is already pre-connected to the poles, and each pole has a shock cable. Now, this is a critical feature. Thus, all you need to do is connect them to the grommets located in the four corners of the tent. 

As a result, you can do all the processes exceptionally quickly and easily. Because the inner tent is attached to the frame utilizing clips, this one does not have any sleeves. Take into account that the tent has a very high peak. And also, this is where you may use the ceiling zippers to fasten a few roof clips.


In the REI grand hut 6 reviews, people do not provide much information about the fabric. However, the floor is a long-lasting coated polyester, and the design resembles a bathtub. Nonetheless, there is no information on the waterproof rating of the floor. The fly is made of coated polyester (once again, there is no mention of a waterproof rating). Also, mesh and taffeta are used to create the structure’s canopy.

Why REI Grand Hut 6?

What Will You Enjoy?

  • The dome-like form of the REI grand hut 6 and its rainfly that provides complete covering instill confidence even during intense wind and rain periods.
  • They are fabricated using long-lasting materials designed to withstand heavy usage for many years.
  • Your things will be well arranged and easy to access because of the fourteen storage compartments on the bag inside.
  • Even with you, you can quickly assemble and disassemble the REI big hut 6, despite its enormous size.

What You Won’t Enjoy

  • The sloping interior walls reduce the area available for living, despite the dome-like form making it robust under harsh situations.
  • The lackluster ventilation is caused by the solid cloth covering most of the tent’s body.
  • REI has thoughtfully provided the fantastic carry bag in the manner of a backpack included with their Kingdom series. But the REI grand hut 6 stuff bag is on the smaller side and does not have any divisions on the inside.


So, in the summary of the REI grand hut 6 review, you will find out the height of the REI tent, its inside volume, the quality of the aluminum poles, and the guarantee that will set your mind at ease. Also, compared to the other base camp tent, this tent is notably more habitable due to many factors. 

These factors are its tunnel-like design, more significant footprint, and vertical walls. In addition, the REI grand hut 6 has a considerable amount of mesh and a modular rainfly. So, these gadgets encourage excellent ventilation and make them a superior option for warm summer camping outings.

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