Kelty Late Start 2 Review

Kelty Late Start 2 Review: A Complete Breakdown

The Kelty Last Start 2 is one of the best budget options for camping and hiking tents in today’s market. This tent packs some notable features in a pretty solid budget. Take a more detailed look at what this tent offers in our Kelty Late Start 2 review. 


The inner tent has a freestanding structure with its posts and is enclosed by a classic dome structure. Another distinctive aspect of this is the carry pouch. You could stow the canvas in the pack even if you didn’t fold it precisely since it has what’s known as a “shark mouth” shape, which makes the entry side considerably broader than the rest.


This tent’s proportions are comparable to those of other low-cost types. Its 85 “, despite being shorter in length, it still has space for six-foot sleepers. The 54 “, contrary to most other versions, is more accommodating and doesn’t slope either. There is no bend pole to enlarge the region surrounding the head, but the stop poles make it simpler to sit up straight. Although adequate, the max height didn’t impress us.

The pre-bent posts maximize the internal space, and the vestibule is roomy enough to accommodate any dirty gear. The compartments are usually big enough. There are two individual compartments: one above and one on either side. The vestibule is slightly less than eight sq ft, which is somewhat limited for two people.

Although the door is broad in this instance since it is on the long side, not both people have equal access to it. If one person has to slip outside during the night to use the restroom, they would have to crawl over another, which is not ideal.

Effortless setup

Kelty Late Start 2 has swift technology makes it extremely handy, which is one of its main selling features, but comfort goes beyond simply the ease of setup.

Setting up is extremely simple because of the Rapid Corner Technology and because there are just two poles. To prevent the opposite side of a pole from jumping out of position, position one side through its pocket. Additionally, the rainfly has a color scheme, so that area is also impossible to misunderstand.

The Late Start 2 has edges with covers for the pole tips rather than grommets or steel clasps. However, its two-pole layout was generally more challenging than other affordable versions. We felt this function helpful when the chill restricts our motor skills. And it may also be simpler for toddlers to put up.

The Kelty Late Start 2 is freestanding when set up, so you can move it around until you find the perfect spot.

Resistance to weather

The manufacturers refer to Kelty Late Start 2 as a 3-season tent meant to protect from wind and rain. The shafts are made of aluminum; the water resistance is also excellent on this tent.

The aerodynamic sphere form itself can withstand a light breeze, mainly if you install the guy wires. The stakes shouldn’t break on you because they are pretty strong, but we still advise pitching in a protected area. However, there are no ducts, and everything is mesh material in this tent.

Despite the interior’s exceptionally breathable mesh construction, there are no openings on the rainfly. On hotter days, this could make it seem a little stuffy. Condensation could be a problem if the vestibule needs to be kept shut.

The Kelty Late Start 2 climate resistance left us desiring more, primarily because of problems with the fly. It was difficult for us to tighten the fly fully. It was looser in one place when it was firm in another. When we finally got it correct, we discovered that it squished the pillars together, resulting in a substantial drop in the canvas canopy and a reduced amount of usable area.


Budget tents generally exhibit worse long-term resilience than more costly versions. It is primarily due to degradable polyurethane-coated materials and stitches that don’t seem as strong.

The aluminum poles used in the Late Start 2 are believed to be more durable than their fiberglass predecessors while being lighter. You can set up your tent even on rugged terrain since the NoBendium pegs are made of aluminum.

The compendium hexagonal hooked anchors are an upgrade from the regular hook stakes seen in most low-cost tents. We could see the sleeves on the simple pitch poles beginning to fall over time as another high tension region exceeded what traditional tents had.

Weight & Packed Dimensions

The Kelty Late Start 2 puts the others of the group on their toes at Four pounds, eight ounces. The tent’s interior is made of “No-see-um” netting, renowned for being incredibly sturdy yet very lightweight. It is one of the most compact types available, and we discovered that its 7″ x 16″ compressed dimension fits more compactly than cheap behemoths.

Budget Analysis

Regarding this budget analysis, Kelty Late Start 2 is relatively mediocre. It’s an affordable shelter but isn’t the cheapest choice. So you get more features, and it weighs less than the more affordable variants.

A few other highly regarded versions available for the same price provide better comfort for two while being more weather resistant. In light of this, we believe this tent is reasonably priced but may not be a high-value investment. While you are at it, have a look at where you can buy cheap tents


The Kelty Late Start 2 is an all-around lightweight tent with some cutting-edge features that is simple to install. You can surely go with this budget-friendly tent if you’re looking for the features mentioned in our Kelty Late Start 2 review. But we suggest you check out some similar options before settling on this tent for your adventures. 

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