different types of camping tents

Different Types of Camping Tents

Camping is one of the outdoor activities that is becoming more and more popular among adults and kids alike. And therefore you can find many types of camping tents available in the market. Whether you are an avid camper or just a beginner, if you are out to buy this camping gear, you would definitely want the best option.

You must know that every kind of tent offered is different from one another regarding its capacity, features, and usability. But before you pick one to buy, you must always know what your options are. Also, measure the potential pros and cons of each one to make a perfect choice.

Different Types of Camping Tents

Here is a list of the different types of tents available in the market.

Dome Tent

Out of all, the dome camping tent is one of the most commonly chosen designs. It has two flexible poles that cross over each other at the center and are anchored to each of the corners of the tent. It is available in various sizes accommodating single to eight people. These tents are usually lighter in weight and provide decent headroom. Dome camping tents often include vestibules offering extra storage space. The main disadvantage of this tent is that it tends to catch the wind and so can be easily blown away.

A-Frame Tent

Looking like capital A, the A-frame tent has a very simple design and therefore quite easy to set up. Originally this tent was made of canvas with wooden or metallic poles and was quite popular in the old times. However, now you can get this tent type made up of lighter fabrics and extra features. Although the A-frame tent is quite steady but has the disadvantage of being heavy and lacking headroom.

Multi-Room Tent

If you have a large family to go out camping with you, then you can consider a multi-room tent. This one for sure offers privacy and plenty of space needed for large families. However, the massive size and bulkiness of this tent type make to its disadvantages. Moreover, pitching a multi-room tent requires more time and practice, thus adding to its cons. And yes, this type of camping tent cannot handle strong winds. Well, besides their disadvantages, these are still preferred for camping with large groups and families.

Backpacking Tent

If you want to carry your camp along while trekking or hiking, then a backpacking tent will be your ideal choice. The main advantage of this tent type is its small size and lighter weight. But lighter weight implies using high-quality materials, which impacts its price. However, its limited capacity of accommodating just one or two people makes it quite disadvantageous for camping in large groups.

Geodesic Tent

This kind of tent is as advantageous as a dome tent, but this one is much more stable. The poles of this tent type intersect many times, forming triangles and thus making the entire structure unwavering. The major disadvantage of this tent type is its bulkiness and challenging set-up.

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