how to camp with a baby

How to Camp with a Baby?

When I went camping with my spouse and friends, it was simple and adventurous. I didn’t have to worry about carrying weight and extra baggage as we knew what might be required at maximum. Then my best friend suggested going camping with our baby and I was amazed! My husband didn’t really believe we can camp with a baby and said this crazy idea isn’t so dauntless as it sounds. Both of were always wanted our precious baby to see the world, sleep under a sky full of stars, enjoy a cozy bonfire, and everything else nice!

We decided to go and this proved to be one of the best decisions taken by us ever! Yes, it’s absolutely fantastic to camp with a baby and the experience was surreal. If you are thinking to do the same, it’s just a matter of courage and proper preparations.

This article will guide you through the best effective ways to camp with a baby.

1. Select the right camping spot

Camping trips are thrilling when you choose a perfect spot when you want to camp with a baby. Plan a nearby location to avoid long road trips if you think your baby would feel disturbed and cranky. Taking a baby will require few adjustments and comprises, so it’s your call to find out what camping elements you wouldn’t want to miss and ready to let go.

Campsites often have virtual maps to give you a complete glimpse of the chosen location. It might be convenient when you want to camp with a baby to book a shadier place for your infant before you reach the camping spot. There are a few sites that do not offer reservations. What you need to do is hit the road early by keeping everything including your baby ready to camp. If you’re still unsure about camping with a baby at a distant place, try out something close to your home so you don’t have to consider travel time. You can go for wilder camping when your little one gets acquainted with it.

2. A trial run can help

If you are dwindling between the essentials you need to carry and leave out, a trial run of camping with a baby will help you. Try setting up a camping tent in your backyard or nearby place to assess your trip. This trial run will let you figure out the camping gear such as beds, fans, stoves, etc, and baby essentials that you haven’t considered or left back at home. Also, you will come across things that you haven’t purchased yet for your first camping with your baby. There is a simple way to making your own camping tent too!

3. Pack your essentials

This is an important step when you are setting out to camp with a baby or toddler. Get a large camping tent where you can sleep peacefully with your family and store all camping gear. While camping, your baby’s ease is what turns the trip pleasurable. Make sure to pack your baby’s favorite toy, comforter, or cuddly toys to soothe your baby down if he/she’s annoyed. This will prevent the baby from disturbing other campers and be in their comfort. Consider taking both summer and warmer clothes. The weather might be hotter in the daytime and start getting cold at night – pack a sleeper bag, socks, hats, and sleepsuits.

4.Gears you will need

If you want to camp with your baby, it will only turn out to be successful when you have minimal yet most essential gears along. Here is a list of baby camping gears you shouldn’t miss:

  • Sleeping Bag: Unpredictable weather on your chosen camping site? No worries. Get a breathable sleeping bag that will be a perfect thing for your baby to sustain in spring or autumn.
  • Wipes and Diapers: Now there’s no way you can miss wipes and diapers or carry somewhat less. Don’t miss out on the trash bag to dispose of baby waste.
  • Child Carrier: Up for hiking? Look for a premium one that will let your baby rest comfortably or enjoy the road trip. Most carriers have a built-in chin pad which is a bonus for babies to nap sound. It features an adjustable strap to allow parents to take turns on the go.
  • Portable Changing Mat: A lightweight, thin changing mat can fit any backpacks or diaper bag. This will be helpful when changing your baby’s diaper. Most changing mats have large pockets to hold wipes, diapers, and other outdoor essentials.
  • Playpen: To keep your baby entertained at all times, you can carry a portable playpen – you can easily fold t and pack into any diaper bag, purses, or bag packs. Not just for camping, you can use this at your home, on holiday trips, or on vacation. Long-term investment, yeh?
  • Kettle: Who would want to boil a pan of water in the middle of the night while camping? Get a kettle to keep your baby’s milk warm for longer times.
  • Travel cot: A lightweight travel cot can let your baby experience a solid night’s sleep on a soft mattress. Most travel cots have a sunshade for outdoor naps.
  • Plenty of layers: Take plenty of layers to cope up with any uncertainties or weather disasters.

5. Fight the Bugs

Bug bites can be dangerous and ruin the entire camping idea if you are planning to go camp with your baby. Babies are more prone to be attacked by bugs which can result in serious reactions. Get an insect repellant that contains active picaridin ingredients. It is advised not to apply repellent directly on baby skin rather rub it into their skin by applying it on your hands first. Make sure the repellant is safe and gentle on baby skins.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what you will need to camp with a baby, don’t forget to make the camping fun. Whatever happens, keep calm, and don’t stress over trying to fit your baby.  Rather adjust the camping environment to suit your baby’s needs utilizing appropriate camping gear. Happy camping with your baby.

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