How to Camp in your Car

How to Camp in your Car: A Step-by-Step Guide

People are now putting a twist on traditional camping by incorporating their car as one of the main elements of camping. Car camping is exciting as you can be on the move while camping in various places. Many veteran campers invest in car camping, which allows them to visit multiple camping sites throughout their journey. Give this article a read to get an idea about how to camp in your car.

Many people find it efficient to camp overnight in their car and wake up the next day to continue their hiking. Moreover, it may be a hassle. As a result, many people choose car camping as their shelter for the night during hiking and trekking.  

We listed down a few important steps required for successfully arranging a car camping trip.

Step 1: Find the appropriate place for car camping

Camp in your Car

The initial stage to camp in your car is to find the proper camping ground or parking space to set up your car camping arrangements. Finding a place where no one will disturb you or charge you due to trespassing is essential.

People use various applications to find places where they can legally camp or park their car for the night. It was also important to check all requirements, like permits and passes, to avoid mishaps. Moreover, many places allow free camping. Free camping locations don’t require reservations, so you can park your car and set up your arrangements. In the USA, you can find free camping locations in the USA around the Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service land. However, they propose certain rules, like not trespassing in off-limit areas.  

Step 2: Pack some pop-up tents or a car tent

Camp in your Car

You can carry some portable pop-up tents for when you go to camp in your car. Sometimes it may become claustrophobic sleeping inside your car due to minimal ventilation and lack of space. Hence, if the lack of space bothers you, you should invest in affordable pop-up tents to sleep outside your car. The pop-up tents will comfortably accommodate two people with enough ventilation. When you’re done see this article on how to fold pop up tents

Moreover, you can also purchase SUV tents if you own an SUV. These car tents are gaining as the tent connects with your vehicle easily and allows you to sleep comfortably in the tents.

Step 3: Get some privacy screens and a car mattress

While you camp in your car, it is important to get privacy car screens to maintain privacy while sleeping in your car. Moreover, these privacy screens also allow you to block the raging sunlight during the morning, which will keep your car cool and breezy. You can also roll down your window and use privacy screens, which act like a window sleeve. This will allow us to maintain privacy while promoting proper air circulation.

Secondly, if you are not inclined to buy pop-up tents or car tents, you can invest in a car mattress and put it over your car seats. These car mattresses are usually recommended for people who are camping alone in their car. If you have a back problem check out these camping mattresses for bad backs

Step 4: Invest in some moveable storage box

While car camping, it is essential to get a moveable storage box to organize all the essential items you need throughout your car camping journey. You can get medium-sized boxes to store in your car’s trunk to use later on. You can store your camping gear, dry foods, clothing, and other items in these boxes. As space is limited in car camping, it is important to use your space efficiently and only pack what you need.

Step 5: Carry flashlights and portable chargers

Carrying a flashlight is important while camping as you may have to use it for a considerable time during the night. You can also invest in getting chargeable lanterns or torches light during car camping. Most people use the car light if they are sleeping inside the car. However, if you are using pop tents or need to check the surroundings, it is recommended to have proper light sources.

Moreover, it is advisable to carry portable chargers like power banks for your electronic devices. You can also get portable solar chargers which you can put out your car during the day and then connect your devices at night for charging.

Step 6: Prepare enough car camping food

Food is one of the most crucial items when you decide to camp in your car. You must invest in enough dry food like granola bars, nuts, popcorn, chips, dry fruits, cookies, and other snacks.

If you are car camping for a longer period, then it is recommended to carry a small portable stove with various canned food and instant ramen. You can also keep a cooler inside your car to store drinks, beverages, and other food items that requires cool temperature. 

Step 7: Have your essential items

It is important to make yourself an essential item list when you are going to camp in your car. This list will help you track what items you need and not miss out on any important items. There is various online premade essential item list that you can go through as your checklist for the camping trip.

We advise you to take various navigation items like GPS devices just in case your phone loses its network around remote areas. Moreover, it is recommended tent repair kits and first aid boxes to deal with any emergency. You can also modify the essential item list to your liking.

Final Thoughts

Following these steps  to camp in your car can somewhat make your camping trip seamless. It is unnecessary to follow these steps religiously; however, this will help you with a basic layout for arranging the trip. Happy camping!


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