10 Best Waterproof Tent on the Market

There is a myriad of uncertainties when you’re in the outdoors. To keep safety and comfort in control in the best possible way, you should at least have a durable waterproof tent whenever you go camping or hiking. Since there are so many factors to consider while purchasing one, we are here to guide you on the best waterproof tent on the market.

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Tent on the market?

Waterproof tents are usually constructed with heavy-duty nylon or polyester which prevents rainwater or moisture from seeping through the fabric. Therefore, when you’re purchasing a waterproof tent, focus on the fabric composition. Although cotton canvas might be suitable when your priority is ventilation, it will not keep you dry. Plus, they are heavy to carry as well. On the other hand, nylon or polyester tents will be waterproof, windproof, and much more affordable than any other materials.

Moreover, you should opt for waterproof tents that have a large mesh screening or window so that there is enough ventilation. Some people prefer waterproof tents that have heat-sealed seams which also prevents water from getting inside. Therefore, you should definitely incline towards the options that offer that.

What Are the Benefits of Using A Waterproof Tent?

Waterproof tents ensure durability like no other types of tents. Due to their solid construction using nylon or polyester, they are hard to tear. So, you can be assured that the best waterproof tents will remain unscratched even when set up on uneven or rocky grounds.


Most of the time waterproof tents have large mesh windows that allow proper ventilation. When it’s raining heavily, the humidity levels inside the tent may rise significantly. But as soon as the rainfall starts to reduce, you can lift the rainfly and enjoy the drizzles while letting the built-up air escape through the mesh windows or doors.

Easy to Setup

Waterproof tents are very easy to set up with the accessories that come with them. Usually, even if you have never set up a tent before, you should be able to get these up within 15 minutes at most.


Due to the materials used to make them, waterproof tents are extremely lightweight. This makes them suitable to be carried during camping or trekking.


Waterproof tents are comparatively much more affordable because polyester or nylon do not fall under expensive materials. Since the majority of the tent is made using these except mesh or gauze for windows and doors, waterproof tents are pretty reasonable.

How Are Waterproof Tents Different from Regular Ones?

Waterproof tents are more versatile than regular ones because they have a detachable rainfly which is a waterproof tent cover. Also, the way they are designed makes them more durable than regular tents which is why they can withstand all sorts of weather conditions. Waterproof tents are safer and warmer than ordinary tents because they protect you from UV radiation and scorching heat. Finally, a waterproof tent will keep all your gear and clothes dry which is quite crucial when you’re out in the wilderness.

Are All Tents Waterproof?

To simply answer this question, no, all tents are not waterproof. While some tents are waterproof, others are just water-resistant. Water-resistant tents do the job when the weather cooperates. However, if there’s a storm, water-resistant tents will not keep you dry by any means. Water-resistant tents can only help the moisture accumulated on the surface to roll off but they will not prevent rainwater from getting in. So, when you’re purchasing a tent, ensure that it’s waterproof and just not water-resistant, especially if you’re more likely to face stormy weather.

Precautions for Using Waterproof Tents
  • Whether you’ve purchased a new tent or you’ve taken out an old one before your camping trip, make sure to check the tent’s waterproofing feature. You can do so by simply pouring water on the tent through a pipe and check the inside of the tent. You may also use waterproofing products on the tent if required. Check out the products here.
  • While you’re at camp, make sure to keep the air vents on the tent open so that condensation doesn’t build up. 
  • If your waterproof tent doesn’t come with a footprint or a groundsheet, you should purchase it and bring it to your camping trip. It will be really handy when you have to set up a tent on wet grounds.

10 best waterproof tent on the market

1. MOON LENCE Camping Tent

MOON LENCE Camping Tent
Credits: Pinterst

Product Description: Here’s an excellent waterproof tent from MOON LENCE that is built to ensure a dry, safe, and comfortable experience in the outdoors. The tent is 1000mm waterproof and UV-resistant materials so you wouldn’t need to worry about the extreme weather conditions once you’re inside the tent. You’ll have amazing ventilation in this waterproof tent as it’s designed with a huge D-shaped mesh with dual zippers. Plus, with the durable accessories that come with the tent, you’ll be able to put it up in no time!

  • Constructed with high-quality fabric with durable stitching and reinforced strength
  • Made of double-layered polyester that makes it waterproof and UV-proof
  • Ventilation ensured with a huge mesh and detachable rainfly
  • Waterproof SBS zipper installed on the tent door
  • Lightweight and comes with a carry bag
  • Does not have two doors which might be more ideal for multiple inhabitants
  • Not suitable for a family of more than four persons

2. BaiYouDa Waterproof Tent

BaiYouDa Waterproof Tent
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: This tent from BaiYouDa is suitable for camping in the woods with extreme weather conditions. The high-quality waterproof materials used on the tent body, base, and mesh make it ideal to be used for a long time without being affected by heavy wind or rain. It’s a lightweight backpacking tent that can easily fit two to three people with a lot of camping gear. You can be assured that the tent will not be easily ripped even if you’re camping in the desert with cacti all around. Overall, it’s an amazing waterproof tent that comes at a pretty reasonable price as well.

  • Made of PU 1500mm which makes it both durable and waterproof
  • Ensures good ventilation as well as warmth at the same time
  • Has an additional top cover that protects the tent from rain and heavy winds
  • Extremely easy to set up even if you have no experience to do so
  • High-quality smooth zippers installed
  • Requires additional lightweight stakes with camping on uneven soil
  • Does not have a stove jackhole

3. Coleman Tent Sundome


Coleman Tent Sundome
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: Here’s an easy-to-setup waterproof tent from Coleman that fits two people with multiple camping gear. The base of the tent is heavy-duty making it suitable for uneven or wet grounds. Due to the additional floor vent, there will be constant airflow within the tent. Also, you’ll get a great view from the tent as the ceiling has large-screen panels. For its affordable price, this tent will do an excellent job even in the heaviest rains.

  • Constructed with polyester taffeta that makes it both waterproof and windproof
  • Waterproof feature ensured with inverted seams and welded corners
  • Has an E-port to support electrical power
  • Amazing ventilation and airflow ensured by large windows and ground vents
  • Storage pockets inside the tent for keeping essentials
  • Does not come with a footprint
  • Only the upper half of the window can be unzipped

4. Wakeman Dome Tent

Wakeman Dome Tent
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: This lightweight dome tent from Wakeman is meant for all seasons because the waterproof material saves it from heavy rain and wind while the light color of the tent and large ventilation window makes it suitable for the hot weather. Plus, the fiberglass poles that come with this tent can be used for activities during camping, hiking, trekking, and more! So, if you’re looking for a waterproof tent for yourself or to share with a friend, you must get this one.

  • Made of a heavy-duty nylon material that keeps the inside of the tent dry and comfortable
  • Suitable for spring and summer as well due to the large ventilation window
  • Has a convenient rainfly to prevent water from getting inside
  • The waterproof floor tarp is pretty high making it easy for water to run by
  • Very easy to setup
  • Not too breezy due to the small chimney
  • Only suitable for one or two people at most

5. NTK Waterproof Tent

NTK Waterproof Tent
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: Here’s a family tent from NTK that is designed to fit up to six people. The heavy-duty tent resembles an igloo with a combination of an A-frame tent and a dome-shaped tent in one. The tent opens up to create a front porch with a shade that you can utilize during the day while its enclosure will create a waterproof space when required. The galvanized steel parts that come with the tent ensure well-connected poles that create a sturdy frame. Overall, it’s a highly durable tent for families or a group of five or six people.

  • Safe and stable space ensured with extra-thick Nano-flex technology used in the material
  • Has an anti-fungus polyethylene layer that keeps the insides dry and protected
  • Features micro-mesh windows to protect you from mosquitos and insects
  • Comes with a removable vestibule floor for easy cleaning
  • Clear windows on the front for easy viewing
  • Does not come with a footprint
  • Not the easiest setup process

6. Bessport Backpacking Tent

Bessport Backpacking Tent
Credits: DesertCart

Product Description: This backpacking tent from Bessport is an amazing option for solo hiking or camping trips especially if you have a lot of gear with you. You can easily set up this waterproof tent in a few minutes using the sturdy accessories that come with it. What makes it dry all the time is its seam shaped design that allows water or wind to glide on easily without letting them enter the tent. Plus, it comes in a neutral camouflaging tone which is ideal for camping.

  • Has water block technology to prevent rainwater from getting in
  • Constructed with large mesh panels that provide utmost ventilation
  • Comes with heavy-duty aluminum alloy stakes
  • Clip-pole attachments that ensure easy setup
  • Installed with smooth zippers with waterproof zipper cuffs
  • Suitable for only two people or one person with a lot of gear
  • Does not have a see-through mesh

7. Coleman Cabin Tent

Coleman Cabin Tent
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: Here’s another tent from Coleman that is designed to mimic a cabin. The waterproof tent can easily fit up to three or four people comfortably. Thanks to its 150D polyester construction, you’ll be dry and safe inside this tent all the time. Plus, it comes with an integrated rainfly that makes this cabin tent suitable when it’s pouring. All in all, you’ll get good use out of this tent through all seasons.

  • Constructed with double-thick material prevents water or wind from getting in
  • Darkroom technology to block 90 percent of the sunlight
  • Offers a heavy-duty expandable bag for easy carrying
  • Comes with a year limit warranty
  • Can be set up in less than a few minutes
  • Not enough standing room for a cabin tent
  • Not the best for stargazing

8. Coleman Evanston Camping Tent

Coleman Evanston Camping Tent

Product Description: If you are camping with six to seven people, this tent from Coleman will be perfect for you. As it comes with an extra screening room it provides enough space for you to lay out sleeping bags when the weather is dry and warm. Plus, you’ll have enough air circulation with the help of the extended window awnings. The tent has storage pockets where essentials can be kept within easy reach.

  • Made of high-quality polyester taffeta which makes it long-lasting
  • The tent has inverted seams and welded corners which prevents water from getting inside
  • Comes with a heavy-duty carry bag
  • Can be easily set up within 15 minutes
  • Comes with a screen room that provides extra ventilation during warmer weather
  • Since the back panel is completely open, there won’t be any ventilation with the rainfly on

9. Core Dome Tent

Core Dome Tent

Product Description: Here’s an amazing dome tent from Core that is waterproof and windproof, making it ideal for all seasons. Due to its 68D polyester construction, this tent is heavy-duty and long-lasting. Plus, the high-quality fiberglass poles that come with the tent can be utilized for multiple activities during camping and hiking. So, if you’re looking for a large tent that will keep you and your family dry, safe, and comfortable, get this one right away!

  • Spacious interior to fit up to nine people
  • Heat-sealed seams that prevent water from getting in the tent
  • Comes with an E-port for conveniently using electricity
  • Offers advanced venting system which brings in cool air and lets warm air escape through the mesh
  • Extra-wide mesh panels for easy viewing of scenery
  • Not enough standing room for people above six feet

10. Zenph Pop Up Tent

Zenph Pop Up Tent

Product Description: Here’s a pop-up tent from Zenph that is suitable for people who get overwhelmed with the process of setting up tents in an already uncertain environment. The moisture-proof and water-proof tent are ideal for any season making it versatile. The tent is designed with double doors, an external gate, and a screen door. Plus, the quality of the zippers on these doors is smooth as well.  So, if you’re looking for a pop-up tent to share with a friend in the wilderness, you should look into this one.

  • Offers automatic opening in three seconds
  • Made of PU material that makes the tent waterproof and windproof
  • Double ventilation ensured in hot climates
  • Mosquito and insect-proof due to double gauze mesh
  • The bottom of the tent is made of high-quality Oxford cloth
  • Not suitable for hiking or backpacking
  • Poor ventilation when fully closed


As you can see, all the waterproof tents featured in this article have amazing attributes to make them suitable for camping in all types of seasons, especially when it’s pouring heavily. However, there’s one waterproof tent in our list that ticks all the boxes of qualities and features that an ideal tool as such should have.

Our top pick is the Coleman Evanston Camping Tent. This is because not only does it meet the most important attributes of a waterproof tent but it also ensures maximum capacity for an enjoyable stay in the outdoors. The Coleman Evanston camping tent is made of polyester taffeta which makes it waterproof, durable, and safe. The tent comes with inverted seams that prevent water from getting inside. It features a screen room that provides maximum possible ventilation which is necessary for a waterproof tent. The tent is lightweight and easy to set up within just 15 minutes.

We had to choose the Coleman Evanston Camping Tent over the other ones because they do not offer all the attributes at once including ventilation, capacity, and portability. With that being said, all the waterproof tents featured in this article are indeed the best ones on the market. So, you may choose anyone based on your preferred features and appearance.

FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does waterproofing spray work on tents?

Earlier, the cheaper and older versions of tents weren’t waterproofed but nowadays most of the new tents are waterproofed and come with rain flies. Don’t assume they do, the best way to check is to test it by pouring some water onto the rainfly/tent and if it runs off completely and doesn’t leave any water absorption marks then it’s waterproofed.

2. Is 2000 mm waterproof good for a tent?

Waterproof ratings are measured in millimeters (mm) and usually fall anywhere from 800mm to 10,000 mm. A basic 2 and 3 season tent should have fly waterproof ratings that exceed 1,500mm and floor ratings that run past 3,000mm which should withstand most winds and rain and any suitable for the minimum worse weather conditions.

3. How to waterproof a canvas tent?

t’s a simple 3-step process. Spray the tent with the waterproof Let it dry. Wash your tent to get dirt and grime off of it. Once your tent is clean, set up the tent and begin to spray the tent down. Make sure to spray every square foot that you can. Do so as evenly as possible and pay extra attention to waterproofing the seams. After a few minutes, wipe the excess off and now all you have to do is let it dry.

4. How often should you waterproof a canvas tent?

If you’re in a country that rains all the time like the Pacific Northwest and you’re camping frequently ou might need to waterproof your tent every year. If you’re a laid-back camper who camps several times per year in fair weather conditions, then you should be able to make your waterproofing last several years.