10 Essentials for Tent Camping

10 Essentials for Tent Camping You Should Always Pack

If you’re one of the genuinely adventurous spirits, you won’t let your otherwise packed schedule stop you. You’ll make a window and go on your adventure, no matter how small that may look (or sound). Traveling or going on trips is the closest thing we have to adventures now. That explains why a lot of people are so interested in tent camping.

Tent camping destinations are usually pretty far away from convenience. Most people pack everything they need before they leave, so they don’t have to worry about something essential and ruin the whole experience. Imagine if you lost something from your ten essentials for tent camping and had to borrow things from other people. Or worse, if you had to suffer the whole tripe for it. That would pretty much be a disaster.

No matter how carefully you pack, it is easy to miss things, especially if they’re small. And that’s why we’re here to help. Here is a list of 10 essentials for tent camping you can’t miss at any cost. Whether you’re a newbie going on a tent camping trip for the first time or a veteran trying to make sure you don’t miss any of the basics, we’ve got your back so keep reading.

10 Essentials for Tent Camping You Should Always Pack

Packing is dreadful for most people. Part of the reason everyone dreads packing is that they have to go through a list in their head while doing it. And that has to be at least ten times, sometimes even more. It all gets more manageable if you have a list of the essentials. So here is a list of 10 essentials for tent camping (other than the tent) you should pack to improve your camping trip.

1. Sleeping Bag

10 Essentials for Tent Camping
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We all enjoy a good, comfortable bed at home. But tent camping may not always be like that. If you’re going on a lighthearted trip and the site is pretty close to the population, you can get some more comfortable options. But if it is a regular tent camping trip, your best friend for nap time will be a sleeping bag.

Laying on the ground can sound fun, but the real deal isn’t so pleasant, especially at night. You never know what kind of bugs will crawl out. Sleeping on dirt can cause skin issues even if there are no bugs. Not to mention you’ll be uncomfortable and maybe even sore.

2. Water Bottle

10 Essentials for Tent Camping
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Hydration is essential no matter where you are or where you’re going. And if you’re doing something like camping or hiking that needs a lot of physical effort, you’ll need more. Another factor is the sun. You’ll have to stay hydrated not to get yourself a heat stroke. So pack a water bottle (or any other carrier) even if you have to leave an extra item behind. You’ll need the carrier more.

Water bottles help you avoid drinking from unsafe water sources like lakes and ponds. You never know what kind of germs are swarming them. If you have your water in a bottle, you’re safe from water-transmitted diseases like dysentery.

3. Flashlight or Lamp

10 Essentials for Tent Camping

The night may not be full of terror, but it is dark. And the terror part would be true, too, if you count the unsettling noises. That aside, you’ll need a light source to do everything at night because human eyes don’t work in the dark. And who wants to stumble around blindly when it can be avoided with a light source, like flashlights or lamps?

Since you’ll be practically blind after sunset, a flashlight is one of the things you must pack. The campfire may be warm, but it won’t be bright enough to reach where you want it to.

4. Power bank

10 Essentials for Tent Camping

A few years ago, this wouldn’t even be on the list. But times have changed, and many people carry their phones for GPS. Since GPS needs data and the phone screen has to be open all the time, your device can get drained quicker than it usually does. Pack your power bank unless you want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no means to ask for help.

The biggest pro of a power bank is that it is portable. You can shove it in your backpack, and it wouldn’t take up much space. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

5. Lighter or other Firestarters

10 Essentials for Tent Camping

Whether it is a summer camp or your tent camping trip somewhere secluded, a campfire is something you just can’t skip. It will keep you warm, drive the mosquitos away and do the extra part of keeping the outside lit. But you can’t have that unless you have something to start the fire with; if you feel like taking older approaches and starting the fire with tree branches, good for you.

But if you don’t want that, pack a lighter or another fire starter. You can carry good old matchboxes, but they’re risky for places with trees. So, either pack your lighter or get a different fire starter.

6. First Aid Kit

10 Essentials for Tent Camping
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For all the adventure stories you’ve read, imagine how much shorter they’d be if the main character and their crews had first aid materials. Fewer infections, fewer fatal injuries, more happy endings. Sometimes first aid kits also come with other things like lightweight blankets, but those are usually too heavy for carrying around.

Try to find a small first aid kit, and include that in your packing list. You never know when you’re going to need it, so you better be prepared all the time.

7. Toilet Papers

Andriy Onufriyenko

Okay, this may not be the most portable thing ever, but toilet papers are necessary. You can’t do much without them. That is probably why everyone’s first instinct was to stock them up when the pandemic first hit the world.

Toilet papers also double as much more stuff and help you with other cleanups. So make sure you include them. You don’t have to get big rolls of them. Get something you can carry.

8. Batteries

Batteries are very versatile. They power pretty much everything. The best part is most devices use the same size of batteries. So if you grab a pair, you are set for many things. But you’ll have to remember to pack them first.

Your torch, radios, and many other things run on batteries. So grab a few extra pairs for safety. If you’re stuck on batteries, you can quickly solve that.

9. Swiss Army Knife

You probably wonder why you’d need knives on a camping trip. Well, Swiss army knives are different. They have a lot of shapes in a tiny carrier. You can use them for cleaning pathways, the opening can lids, and many other things. Besides, you never know what tool you might need and when. So pack a Swiss army knife for convenience.

10. Insect repellent

If you’re going to a campsite that is in a humid area, chances are you’ll encounter lots of bugs when you’re exploring the place. Campfire can also attract bugs, not to mention the ground can be a bug safehouse. You can’t kill them all, so pack your insect repellent spray to save yourself from the trouble.


And here you have it, your list of 10 essentials for tent camping you should never miss. It is okay if your campsite is near a populated place, but if you’re going to a secluded place, you’ll have to pack everything yourself. You can’t rely on the possibility of finding a store there. You can use this as a checklist to ensure you have packed everything.

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