what is a a dark rest tent

What is Dark Rest Tent or Dark Room Tent

A dark rest tent or dark room tent is a new trend in the camping tent business. These tents are getting a good amount of recognition due to their impact on tackling daylight. This allows people to take a long nap even if the sun is shining above their heads.

So, if you are a light sleeper & want to enjoy a sound sleep during your outdoor camping trips, then a dark rest tent or dark room tents are the ones you have been looking for!

What Exactly is a Dark Rest Tent or Dark Room Tent?

The general concept of a dark rest tent or dark room tent is that it is a camping plus sleeping tent. It has a darker inner fly and mesh. The concept is to create a darker inside layer so that when the light reaches inside your tent it is still dark and comfy. This is done by reducing the light’s glare.

More advanced versions of this type of tent are sound and thermal insulation. This gives the inside of the tent a completely dark cave vibe. This is done by adding thick and heavy insulating layers inside the tent.

There are also tents that come with special inner sleeping rooms for the users. These rooms are created with special darker material or have specific alterations to the fly in order to give the users darker surroundings when they use that part of the tent.

Type of Dark Rest Tent or Dark Room Tents

Different company has their unique style of approach when it comes to dark rest tent or dark room tents. Depending on their qualities, a dark rest tent or dark room tents can be divided into four different types:

  1. Fly Specific Dark Room Tents
  2. Dark Room Tents with Extra Ceiling Mesh
  3. Tents with Special Dark Room
  4. Insulated Dark Room Tents

Fly Specific Dark Room Tents

This type of dark room tent focuses on providing reducing the glare and increasing the overall darkness inside the tent. The fly plays the most important role in this scenario.

A key factor of this type of dark rest tent is that they don’t get overheated. This means this type of tent is perfect for you if you want to go camping in the summer. They don’t absorb the light like other types of dark room tents, instead, they reflect the light.

Dark Rest Tent with Extra Ceiling Mesh

As the name suggests this type of tent comes with extra thick zipped panels underneath the ceiling mesh. These zipped panels are the ones that work to reduce the glare of sunlight and make the inside look darker.

The process is very simple. If you want to make the inside of your tent darker just zip the panels up and the inside of your tent will become dark. And as you will still have the fly right above you, in reality, you will have three layers covering yourself from the sunlight.

While this might add some weight to the overall tent, it is a plus considering all the pros. It is a very good option if you are looking for the best dark room tents in the market. One company that excels at making this sort of dark rest tent is Ozark Trail Tent.

Tents with Special Dark Room

While many may argue that this type of tent doesn’t fall under the dark rest tent category rather, they have a feature that offers a dark room but we beg to differ. This type of tent comes with a completely separate wing which consists of an inner sleeping room made of special dark material.

The rooms mostly have thick layers and mesh panels under the fly so that the inside can look dark and comfy.

Do keep in mind that this type of tent is made for colder weather. This means this type of tent absorbs the heat in daylight and can overheat. This can be regarded as a positive aspect if you are using them in a cold environment, otherwise, they are a very bad pick if you plan on using them in the summer or in a warm environment.

Insulated Dark Rest Tents

Now, if you want the most realistic and complete darkness inside your tent then there is no better option than going for an insulated dark room or rest tents. This type of tent includes sound and thermal insulation. So, if you want peace and quiet during the daytime then this type of tent is the best out there. Because nothing can be ‘darker compared to this type of dark rest tent.

Due to the thick insulation, this type of tent is quite heavy compared to other dark room tents. The price is can be very high due to the premium features.

But if you consider the soundless atmosphere and pitch dark vibe inside the tent then the added weight is understandable. Overall, an insulated dark room tent is the best if we are comparing the performance with the other types of dark room tents.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dark Room Tents

There are quite a few advantages and disadvantages that come with the use of dark rest or room tents.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]They offer isolation from sunlight
This type of tent is more comfortable compared to a standard camping tent
Depending on the type of dark room tent it can either absorb or reflect sunlight, this can be useful in certain weather conditions[/i2pros][i2cons]They are heavier compared to standard camping tents
Costs are quite high compared to other options

Final Thoughts

Dark rest tent or dark room tents are getting the spotlight for a while now and as they offer more comfort. If you are going on a camping trip with your family and friends then they can be a crucial addition to your arsenal. But make sure to find out the best options before purchasing a dark rest tent for yourself.

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