10 Top Tents That Fit in a Truck Bed

Are you planning for a road trip and want to get a tent that can fit the back of your truck? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have researched and found the top tents that fit in a truck bed. These tent designs are modern and truly the finest ones on the market! So, let’s go and check them out!

What Should I Look for in Truck Tents?

While buying a truck tent, you should consider a few elements. Firstly, the tent needs to fit inside your truck backspace. It must have the quality and ability to last for a long time. The material and the general usability of the tent will also matter. These are the basic features one should look into while buying a truck tent. What’s more to look into? Let’s find out.

Types Matter

There are various kinds of truck tents in the market and so you need to choose one that fits perfect for you.  There are some tents which are most preferable for smaller trucks and some are good for larger spaces. Some tents are solely designed for pickups and others to fit behind a private car. So, it will depend on your vehicle while choosing what type of tent you’d need.

So Does Size!

Again, the size of the tent will matter and it will depend upon your truck space. Or you can do it reversely and buy a truck bed later after buying the tent. Just make sure that your tent is large enough to give you space and sleep comfortably.


Making sure that your tent is durable is the most important thing to do after buying a tent. The material of the tent is very important to consider. It should be waterproof and can withstand bad weather. Also, try to look for good quality poles. If they are made of fiberglass, you’re good to go.


Your budget is a big factor while buying a tent this large. Try to go for an affordable option. Tents are usually one-time bought. You’re unlikely to want to buy such tents again and again. So, investing in a good quality one that will last a long time is recommended.


The flooring of your truck tent is important. Polyurethane or polyester flooring is recommended as these are very resilient and waterproof. Some tents also tend to have an extra coating on them to make them more durable.

Easy Installation

Truck tents should be easy to set up. It should take minutes to set the tent up; any longer than that can be a big hassle. Try to buy a tent that comes with sufficient instructions on how to set it up. The instruction manuals should have clear guidance on how to properly set one up.


Truck tents should be lightweight. By that, it should be around 10 to 14 lbs. Any more than that can be too heavy for a vehicle to carry through. A bonus point would be to get a tent carrier bag with it. The tents tend to have some auxiliary stuff but those should not increase the weight.

Why You Need One

Often people wonder, why would I need a tent for my truck when I have one for camping. The thing is, the normal tents do not fit inside the back of the truck. Tents that fit inside the backspace of a truck are specially made for such spaces, and hence they are the top choice for road trips. They are also convenient options. You’d have a hard time fitting a regular tent inside your truck and end up ruining it. Truck tents are a much better option in this case.

So, these were the basics things one should remember while buying the best tents that fit in a truck bed. Now, let’s look into the top tents available in the market and find out what sets them apart!

Top 10 top tents that fit in a truck bed

1. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

tents that fit in a truck bed
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description:  No brand makes a truck tent better than the Napier Outdoors. They have not disappointed this time either with their Backroadz edition.  This one is made from very high-quality materials and finishing. 

Product Design & Quality: The tent is just 5.5 feet in height, easy to fit at the back of your truck. It has a covered floor, so you don’t have to worry about the dirty tent floors anymore. The design is also efficient enough to allow rainwater to drip down to the sides easily. It comes with a rain fly and a well-designed entryway.

Product Features:

  • This tent has a spacious interior and a very efficient design.
  • It has color-coded tent poles.
  • It comes with a rain fly.
  • This one is very affordable, one of the best, and yet costing under $200.
  • The pitching of this tent is very easy due to the color-coded poles.
  • With 5.5 feet of headroom, this tent can fit any size of the trucks. Hence, it’s very flexible.
  • Even though it has many great features, it falls short by not featuring any awning.

2. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

tents that fit in a truck bed
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: If you are looking for a tent that will last a long time, then Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent is the suitable one for you. What gives it the durability is the construction material- this one is made from cotton duck canvas shell, also called Hydra-Shield by Kodiak.  This one is an exceptional truck bed tent as it differs in the design and other features from other tents.

Product Design & Quality: The design of this tent is not exactly dome-shaped, rather it’s shaped like a tunnel. This one has a five feet tall ceiling. It also has an awning for preventing the rainwater to come in. The interior also has gear pockets.

Product Features:

  • It has gear pockets for storing stuff.
  • The tent is tunnel-shaped.
  • It’s made from very high-quality materials.
  • This one is a very durable truck tent.
  • It can fit the back of the trucks easily.
  • Ample storage spaces are available inside the tent.
  • It’s a bit expensive compared to the other ones.
  • It does not have a floor.

3. Napier Outdoors Sportz tent

tents that fit in a truck bed
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: Looking for a tent that’s very easy to fix, portable, and performs well? Well, then choose this truck bed tent by the Napier. There is just no doubt that Napier makes one of the top tents that fit in a truck and this one is no exception.

Product Design & Quality: This one is made from nylon. The rainfly design is also very efficient and tape seamed. It has a long awning, making it waterproof. It’s a bit high- 5.6 feet high to be exact. But, it’s very easy to set up.

Product Features:

  • It has a height of 5.6 feet.
  • This one has a tape-seamed rainfly.
  • It has color-coded poles.
  • This one has a large awning.
  • It has a back entrance to the truck.
  • This one comes with its floor.
  • It’s expensive.

4. Rightline Gear’s Compact Truck Tent

tents that fit in a truck bed
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: If you have a smaller truck, then this one is a great option for you. This one will easily fit your Nissan or Toyota- it’s a bit on the smaller side in size. However, that hasn’t jeopardized the quality, it’s made from water-resistant fabric and the seams are fully taped.

Product Design & Quality: This tent has a shorter length. It has a D-shaped entryway. It has several mesh windows. This feature allows this tent to be very well ventilated. There are storage systems in the interior.

Product Features:

  •  It features a D-shaped entryway.
  •  The tent has height and headspace.
  •  This one is made from water-resistant material.
  • This one fits small truck beds easily.
  • It’s very weightless, only 10 lbs.
  • This one features lighting dark zippers.
  • As it’s very small, it can become a bit claustrophobic.

5. Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent

tents that fit in a truck bed
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: If you are after a tent that will fit at the back of a pickup truck, then this one is the perfect one for you. This one is also very adaptable to any type of weather- that’s how resilient it is.  It’s also easy to install, lightweight, and overall a great truck tent.

Product Design & Quality: It’s made from polyester; a very durable material and waterproof.  It’s also coated with a 1500 mm water-resistant coating. This one comes with the flooring. The height is also impressive, about 5.25 feet. The headspace is enough to fit three to four people.

Product Features:

  • The tent comes with flooring.
  • It’s made from polyester and 1500 mm thick coating.
  • This one is very suited for pickup tents.
  • Made from polyester; the flooring is waterproof and durable.
  • It has a good amount of headspace.
  • The manual given with the tent is not well prepared.
  • It’s not a great option for large groups or families.

6. Milliard Truck Tent

Milliard Truck Tent
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: Milliard is a very popular brand, known for making durable tents. This one also follows that reputation. It has a 6.5 feet height and can fit at the back of any car. Made from durable ripstop-grade material, it will last for a long time.

Product Design & Quality: This tent has privacy screens. The interior also has a storage system. You can store smartphones, books, clothes, etc., anything you like in these storage spaces. There are also interior hooks. It’s also very simple to set up.

Product Features:

  •  It can fit 6.5 feet truck bed.
  •  This one has privacy screens.
  •  It’s made from a high-quality fabric called ripstop-grade material.
  • This tent is ultra-easy to install.
  • The floor is sewn-in so dirt can’t come inside.
  • It’s also very affordable.
  • The instruction manual is hastily written and difficult to follow.

7. Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III

Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: Want a tent that has ample headroom and some entry space? Then this one is the suitable one for you. The design of this tent is superior to others. It also has a good interior design and lots of storage spaces.

Product Design & Quality: This one has color-coded fiberglass poles to set it up easily. Fiberglass poles are durable than other options. It’s super quick and easy to set up; might not even take any minutes. It has a large entrance. The tent also comes with a shade awning. The ventilation is quite good too.

Product Features:

  •  It has a durable construction.
  •  The shade awning is 6 feet by 6 feet.
  •  There are two small windows in this tent.
  • It’s spacious enough for two people.
  • The shade awning is great at keeping rainwater at bay.
  • The back entry to the truck is very convenient.
  • This one is specially manufactured for the Chevy Avalanche series, so it might not fit other models easily.

8. Hasika Waterproof Double Layer Full Size Truck Tent

Hasika Waterproof Double Layer Full Size Truck Tent
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: This one has a lot of space inside, so if you are looking for a large-sized truck tent then choose this one without many dilemmas. It can fit about three to four people. The headspace is also big, so all in all, this one is for people who’d love some open space.

Product Design & Quality: It has two mesh windows and an additional awning with it. The material is durable and it’s quite large to fit an entire family inside. The headroom is 5.6 feet high and it has sewn flooring.

Product Features:

  •  It has poles made from fiberglass.
  •  This one comes with light reflection ropes.
  •  It weighs 13 lbs.
  • This tent has plenty of space.
  • Very lightweight and portable.
  • The poles and materials are all very much durable.
  • It’s not for small trucks or cars.

9. Honda Genuine Factory OEM Truck Tent

Honda Genuine Factory OEM Truck Tent
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: This tent is perfect for Honda cars and trucks. It’s specially made for these models. It’s made from high-quality polyester, hence making it one of the most durable tents.

Product Design & Quality: This tent has 6 feet by 6 feet rain fly. It’s great for tailgating. The shaded part makes it different from other tents. You can detach it from the truck very easily.

Product Features:

  • The flooring is made from high-quality ripstop polyethylene.
  •  It has rain fly for protecting from rainwater.
  • It’s easily detachable.
  • Very affordable.
  • It’s made for limited models.

10. KingCamp Awning Trailer Tent

KingCamp Awning Trailer Tent
Credits: Pinterest

Product Description: Even though originally made for SUVs, this one is also high-quality for trucks. It has a large shade that makes it great on both a truck and an outdoor tent. It’s also made from quality materials and is durable; hence, lasts a long time.

Product Design & Quality: This one is also a large tent, having almost 60 square feet area inside. It comes with a shade. It has three shock-corded fiberglass poles and two steel canopies. There are two wind ropes with this one.

Product Features:

  •  It has 210 T polyester flooring.
  •  The flooring has a 1500 mm coating.
  • It has multipurpose use.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • This one comes with a portable zipper bag.
  • It’s not fit for smaller cars or trucks.

Final Verdict

We have researched and listed these ten top tents that fit in a truck bed for you to choose from. All of these are quite different from each other and each has a different feature. Still, we have a favorite. We think the best option for you would be the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent.

This one is worth your money. When it comes to truck tents, you need one that will last a long time. We think Kodiak’s truck tent model will last a lifetime. It’s made from very high-quality materials and has all the great features. This is why it’s the top high-quality tent among all the other tents listed. However, you can always choose one of your own! So, choose the perfect tent for you and get going for the holiday!


Are porch tents useful?

Porch tents are ideal for family camping or getting together with a big group of people in the wilderness. The screened area provides an insect-free environment. In most cases, the porch space can provide additional weather protection without being completely enclosed within the tent.

What is the size of a 10-person tent?

The majority of 10-person tents have a total floor space of 14 x 10 ft and 6-7 ft of standing room.

What is the material of a screened porch on a tent?

A screen tent is entirely composed of material comparable to mosquito nets.

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