Tarptent ProTrail Li

Tarptent ProTrail Li Review

If you enjoy personal tents, value privacy, or want a lightweight tent, the Tarptent ProTrail Li tent is an excellent pick for your next camping trip. This tent is a one-person, three-season, lightweight tent.

It would be very helpful to read a Tarptent ProTrail Li review to have a comprehensive understanding of the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this tent.


Tarptent ProTrail Li

The sleeping area dimensions of the Tarptent ProTrail Li are 84” in length and 42” wide. However, the width of the tents will not be the same along the tent and the tent will be narrow in the backside. The front peak height is 45 inches and while going back to the rear it goes down to 21 inches.

Weight and Packed Size

Tarptent ProTrail Li

This impressive tent is so light but still, you and your personal belongings can fit inside it. The combined weight of the tent, stakes, stakes gear, and stakes bag is less than 600 grams.

Tarptent ProTrail Li is only 14″ x 4″ when packed and fits in a compact plastic bag. Therefore, If you purchase this product, you will not need to carry a separate bag for your tent.

Setting Up

Tarptent ProTrail Li

  1. Choose the place you want to lay out your tent.
  2. Pick which end the tail end is and which is the head end.
  3. Roll out the tent in that direction
  4. Take the stakes out of their bag
  5. There is a grommet for the foot end in the center, put your trekking pole inside it
  6. There are two guylines in the back of the tent you should pull them out and back. 
  7. To install these guylines you will use the Easton spikes steaks that come with the tent.
  8. For the front end of the tent, you should pull the tent straight and carefully enter the trekking pole in the capped grommet.
  9. For the front guylines repeat what you did with the back guylines but this time pull them out and to the front.
  10.  Open the door and get in your tent.

Manufactured Materials

The fabric used to manufacture the Tarptent ProTrail Li is extremely strong and long-lasting. The use of Dyneema® textiles manufactured in the United States gives the tent unparalleled strength and lighter weight. The fabric is also fully taped and waterproof.

Tarptent ProTrail Li Tent Design

The design is quite simple, yet clever and effective. In terms of space and air ventilation, the Catenary ridgeline form is highly useful. To improve ventilation, the bottom of the tent walls is built of mesh fabric. There is also a mesh door that can be zipped and unzipped to keep insects out. There are two poles for stability, one in the rear and one in the front. Some guylines may be removed and placed with the stakes.

The next part will be explaining the basic features of the tent that is highly related to its design.


Non-Free-Standing tent

In other words, a double-tracking pole tent. You will need one pole for the head at 115 to 116. Also, you will need a pole for the tent foot. 

Steady Against Storms

For severe weather, its pitch is very adjustable and tight. There is also a rear storm flap that opens and closes from the inside. In storms, the inside is never wet during the entrance, exit, setup, or takedown.

Magnets System

When opening and rolling the door tent, a magnet will be installed on the side to help hold it back.

Also for the mash door, there is a magnet to hold it back after rolling it. 

Zipped Doors

This tent feature two separate doors both with a zipping system. The outer one is a non-mesh door that is not connected to the tent’s floor to help with air circulation. The door shape is a triangle and the zip is only on side of the triangle. When it is open you can roll the door back and use the magnet to keep it open.

For the inner door, the story is different. The inner door is like a net, it is made to prevent insects and increase breathability. Now, this door is two sides zipped and also you have to roll it back and use the attached magnet if you wanna keep it open.

No Ground Sheet Needed

Despite its lightweight, the bathtub floor of the the Tarptent ProTrail Li is quite sturdy. The sewn-in flooring is quite durable and constructed of thick and robust material. However, if you are camping in an area with jagged rocks, you should use a footprint for further protection.

Attached Pockets

There are two pockets in the front corners of your tent. These pockets can help you keep your stuff close and organized. 


  • Tarptent ProTrail Li is stylish and strong, fitting into any pack and providing the safety and freedom you need under a variety of settings.
  • So light and you can carry it easily.
  • Long-lasting and durable. Thanks to the smart design and high-quality materials. You can use this tent for more than one year.


Trekking Poles Should Be Purchased Separately

If you are a new camper or you do not usually use trekking poles then you should consider buying two before going on your trip. Moreover, additional stakes and guylines might be needed in case you want a more proficient setting up. The reason is you might not be able to get the floor and mesh netting on the sides as tight as you might prefer. Please note that this is not for all users some find the tent highly convenient as how it is.


More than 500 dollars is considered a lot for purchasing a personal tent.


Tall people might find it small in the Tarptent ProTrail Li


Tarptent ProTrail Li is not luxurious, but it is a well-designed tent. You will have adequate space, will be protected from insects, will constantly be inhaling fresh air, and will not have to carry a lot of weight with you. As a personal tent, this tent offers everything a person needs to go casual camping.

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