Is Rei Kingdom Cot 3 Worth A Buy?

Rei Co-op Kingdom Cot 3 Review

Rei Kingdom Co-op Cot 3 looks like the perfect cot that everyone dreams of. Their website is flooded with tons of positive reviews from users. Comfort won’t be far away with it. Couldn’t resist writing this review as I saw all these smart details. I’ve tried to give an idea about all the best things you need to focus on and also the drawbacks that you might consider if you are buying Rei Kingdom Co-op Cot 3. Let’s start!

Top 7 mistakes you should avoid before buying a camping cot

Most of us head into the store without any kind of knowledge, and the salesman gets a chance to sell us anything. So, take a look to avoid these commonly made mistakes while buying a cot.

  1. Not considering material: Choose your material based on where you are heading and how long you are using it. Poor material will not only cause you discomfort but also invites danger.
  2. Not testing weight: The comfort of carrying the cot around depends on weight. Are you traveling by any kind of transportation or hiking is important to align with your weight preference.
  3. Capacity mistake: Keep in mind your weight when you look for a cot and make sure it is the cot has the capability of holding the weight.
  4. Portability: Even the best cot may not be your best mate, and that depends entirely on your goal. Don’t buy anything heavy if you are going hiking.
  5. Setting up: People often look over this issue. Don’t buy something complex if you plan to sleep in different places every day.
  6. Getting a cot not compatible with a tent: If you plan to set the cot inside the tent, make sure it fits inside.
  7. Buying but you don’t need it: It’s important to realize whether you need a cot or not. They might seem comfier than sleeping bags, but your flexibility should also be the issue.


Rei Kingdom Cot 3


The Rei Kingdom Co-op Cot 3 is one of the comfiest cots out there. Let’s take a glance at what it has to offer:

Used for: Camping mainly can be used inside the tent as well

Material: The cot is made of polyester, and the poles are made of aluminum

Weight: 9 kg  

Strength: Can hold up to 136 kg

Adjustments: Adjustable back pole supports back during sitting, sleeping, or anything in between.

Foldable: Yes

Water resistance: Yes. The fabric is quick-drying and water resistant

Pillow: Adjustable pad for head

Check the current price and measurements here

Things I love about Rei Kingdom Co-op Cot 3

Rei Kingdom Co-op Cot 3 comes with some knock-off features that made me make up my mind to get one:

Adjustable shape: You can both sleep and lounge on it when you want to read your favorite book or enjoy stargazing. Adjustable knobs allow you to transform your cot into a chair in no time.

Easy setup: Rei Kingdom Co-op Cot 3 is ready to use. You just need to unfold and adjust it according to your desire.

Water-resistant: Polyester-built materials make Rei Kingdom Co-op Cot 3 even more convenient. So need to worry about getting it drenched or spillage. Even if you do, it’ll be dry like Sahara within minutes.

Weight-adjusting structure: If you look at the back of this cot, you’ll notice bungee cords holding a basement. It helps to adjust the structure with any weight. And ensures that your back doesn’t hang low like in a hammock.

Pivoting feet: Rei Kingdom Co-op Cot 3 has rotating plastic feet, which give you the flexibility of placing your cot even on an uneven surface.

Easy washing: The fabric and material are so convenient that you can wash in without taking off any parts. And simply leave it under the air and sunlight, and it’ll be as good as new.

Smooth finishing: Even though the infrastructure is made of steel and aluminum, you won’t sense the cold touch of these metals when you are on Rei Kingdom Cot 3.


Weight: Rei Kingdom Co-op Cot 3 weighs about 9kg. Pretty heavy for carrying on your back for a long way.

Padding: Don’t get me wrong, the padding is good, but it won’t be enough for cold environments. Meaning you’ll need to add more padding or switch to another brand with heavy padding. Won’t also be a great option for a warm environment because of the padding.

Won’t fit inside all tents: Their website suggests that Rei Kingdom Cot 3 would fit inside a tent, but the tent has to be big enough for three people, at least

Feet are fragile: True that REI did an amazing job at making rotating feet, but the material is their drawback. Plastic feet break easily, and once they do, the cot is done for.

Poor back support: If you are someone with short height, your whole body will hang. You’ll wake up with pain in your back


Is Rei Kingdom Co-op Cot 3 comfortable?

It depends on the weather and your size.

Can tall people sleep comfortably?

Yes, tall people can sleep without falling off

Is it bendable?

Rei Kingdom Co-op Cot 3 is foldable

Can you carry it around on your back?

No, it’d be painful to carry around on your own.

Does the Cot have pockets?

 No, unfortunately

How many colors are available?

 Only one. Coal color.


Rei Kingdom Co-op Cot 3 is one of the most comfortable cots you’ll find in your store, but it’s not for everyone. If your needs are on par with the goodness it has to offer, then you’ll be the luckiest. The bottom line is It It is great, convenient, and comfy, but some of the good features may become drawbacks depending on the weather and environment.

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