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How to Stay Warm Camping in a Tent

Stay warm camping in a tent? Whenever we hear the word outdoor camping, a sense of excitement flows through our bodies. We imagine the azure skies and the bright fields. We think of how wonderful we will feel when we lay in our tents in the middle of nowhere. But the reality is a bit different. When we stay in tents in extreme weather conditions, we often feel cold. No matter how much we take shelter in our blankets, it doesn’t help.

Sometimes things get so bad that we feel like we are suffocating. This especially happens when you are camping in the winter. The wind can get you shivering and will snatch all the sleep from your eyes. That’s why you need some tips to stay warm camping in a tent.

Tips To Stay warm camping in a tent

There are several tricks you can use to stay cozy and warm. So without further ado, let’s check out the tips to stay warm camping in a tent.

Pack a hot water bottle

A hot water bottle can be a lifesaver in the time of distress. Even in shivering cold, embracing a hot water bottle can make you warm. So make sure to pack a hot water bottle when you are camping. Take a stove for camping and kettle as well to warm it when it gets cold again.

Pick the right campsite

Most beginners often choose the wrong campsite. They only think about the view. But the most important thing you should consider is the temperature and the wind.

Always pick a campsite that can shelter you from the wind. Therefore, it’s not wise to camp in an open field or a mountain top. Choose a campsite with adequate elevation and temperature. Make sure no end of the tent is sticking out. If that happens wind will get into the tent.

Eat The Right Food

Your body is perfect for regulating its temperature. Just make sure to pack foods with tons of proteins and fats. Sometimes when we are camping, we forget to eat snacks and water. Our body gets dehydrated and loses its temperature. That’s why eat snacks every couple of hours.

Lastly when you are about to jump into the bed, have a calorie reach meal. It will give your body the energy it needs to withstand the cold. So, you will stay warm camping in a tent. A warm soup or peanut butter are amazing choices for generating energy. Here are other choices of meals to cook and eat when camping

Use a Tent Heater

This one is pretty obvious. A tent heater will help you stay warm camping in a tent. The best way to use a tent heater is to run it just before you go to sleep. Then when you can’t keep your eyes open, shut it down. Running it all night is completely unnecessary. Remember that you are camping. So, you need to save as much as you can. Here’s how you can heat a tent without electricity

Don’t go to bed cold

Sometimes when sleep comes to our eyes, we forget everything else. We just jump into the bed and embrace our blankets to dive deep into our dreams. But suddenly your dreams become nightmares when the cold hits you.

That’s why never go to bed when you are cold. If you go to bed cold then you are most likely going to stay cold for the rest of the night. So, eat something warm or have a little walk to heat your body. You can even look at the skies and the brightening stars. This will warm your body. So, when you sleep you won’t have to shiver. This is a must if you want to stay warm camping in a tent.

Don’t use a massive tent

This is a common misconception among most people. They think the bigger the tent the better. It’s the complete opposite. Large tents for camping are tough to warm. It takes a lifetime to insulate the whole place. So, always consider downsizing your tent. Take a small tent that is perfect for you.

Take Extra Blankets

When you are shivering in cold, what is the first thing you look for? Yes, the blanket. One blanket may not always cut when you feel extremely cold. To stay warm camping in a tent, you need a couple of them. Thick thermal blankets can help you stay warm camping in a tent even on the roughest of cold nights.

Wear the Perfect clothes

When you are camping, you may often think to sleep wearing the same clothes. While it’s tempting, it can cause you some trouble. After a long day of camping, your clothes get all sweaty. The moisture from the sweat won’t help you to stay warm camping in a tent. That’s why always wear a fresh set of clothes before jumping into bed.

One of the best combinations suggested by many is to wear a pajama with a hoody along with wool socks. It may not be the most stylish of combinations but it’s more than enough to help you stay warm camping in a tent.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I survive sleeping in cold temperatures?

It will be rough. You may even get hypothermia which can cause death

2. Should I change before going into bed?

Yes. Wearing fresh clothes can make quite a difference.

3. Should I cover my head?

While sleeping in the tent, make sure you have the least amount of face outside of the sleeping bag.

4. How to prepare the campsite?

Clear the area of snow and water. Also, make sure the place is smooth without any rough edges

5. Do sleeping bags lose warmth?

Sleeping bags do lose their warmth over time.

Final Thoughts

Staying in a tent is one of the most relaxing experiences. There is no sound, no traffic honks. It’s calm with occasional animal noises. But things turn the wrong way when the night comes. Cold engulfs your whole body. That’s why follow our strategies to stay warm camping in a tent.

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