Cheap Camping Equipment Under $50

Cheap Camping Equipment Under $50

When weighed against the material comforts we are used to at home, camping appears to be hectic. However, camping is about getting away from it all, reconnecting with nature, and rediscovering ourselves. The common thread that runs across this discussion is the idea of keeping things easy and uncomplicated; nonetheless, camping equipment is primarily expensive and slightly complicated. Most of the necessary equipment, including tents, sleeper bags, and sleeper pads, all cost more than one hundred dollars. Nevertheless, one does not have to spend much money to achieve quality. We brought together a list of cheap camping equipment under $50. The following are some of the top options available within that price range.

Tenacious Tape Repair Tape from Gear Aid

Cheap Camping Equipment Under $50

Tenacious Tape is a fast, easy, and affordable way to fix something essential for camping, such as insulated jackets or tents, when it breaks. Since breaking up the gears is a part of camping, you can keep it handy just for $6.

Sustain Water Bottle Nalgene 32oz Wide Mouth

Cheap Camping Equipment Under $50

Nalgene redesigned their traditional water bottle using 50% recyclable materials, yet it’s still highly robust and inexpensive. You can get it for just $16. 

Cast Iron Skillet from Lodge

Cheap Camping Equipment Under $50

The cast iron skillet is the heavier end of the hiking equipment spectrum. The new boutique ones of the cookware classic can cost up to $200; Lodge’s rendition is suitably nonstick while remaining incredibly inexpensive. You can fetch it on a grate or even right into the embers of the fire. 

24 oz. Hydro Flask Mug

Cheap Camping Equipment Under $50

Insulated coffee mugs typically have 12-ounce sizes, but for serious coffee drinkers, Hydro Flask’s 24-ounce alternative combines outstanding workmanship, excellent heat retention, and a large volume to impress most java lovers.

Soto Pocket Torch

Cheap Camping Equipment Under $50

A standard inexpensive lighter will do for any fire-starting purposes. If you are concerned about temperature and wind, the $20 add-on transforms a last-minute purchase into a small blowtorch. The prolonged version is only a few dollars extra if more power is required.

Snow Peak Tableware Set L

Cheap Camping Equipment Under $50

Tableware sets do not have to be fragile or plastic made are inexpensive. Snow Peak’s inexpensive collection blends a basic appearance and high quality with a low price tag. Stainless steel made in Japan will endure considerably lengthier and look far nicer than any cheap plastic set.

Sweepstakes for Finding Nemo Equipment

Cheap Camping Equipment Under $50

If you have ever stumbled into the tent because of the darkness, have a look at Nemo’s Sweepstakes, a simple safety update. This glow-in-the-dark portion moves high and low the stake, kicking up soil while packing up.

Nite Ize ShineLine

The 10-foot light-up rope will brighten up your campground. It has four quick-set gear ties and drives on a rechargeable battery.

Gerber Compleat

The Compleat is something that has such incredible use that you wonder why it didn’t exist before. It includes four independent utensils that give more than twice the functionality: spoon, fork, tongs, spatula, cutting edge, scraping edge, bottle opener, can opener, and peeler. Everything nest together beautifully and weighs somewhat more than two ounces.

Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack 

Getting damp is an unavoidable aspect of camping. But the precious sleeping bag is the last item you want to be soaked, the very thing whose dryness you must protect at any cost. The compression sack is the ultimate backup strategy. 

GSI Outdoors Java Press Courtesy 

Whoever makes coffee for the group is the real hero of a camping trip. Because it’s insulated, the Java Press will keep them toasty if they stay up later than planned.

Gerber Armbar Cork Courtesy 

Snip and cut with the Armbar Cork. With that, it’s the perfect camping multi-tool, yet it’s lighter and more affordable than the full-sized ones that may spring to mind.

Black Diamond Spot 350 Headlamp Courtesy 

The Black Diamond Spot 350 is perhaps the greatest headlight available since it has water resistance and many light settings and is efficiently bright to blast photons up to 282 feet. And it costs only $40.

Nemo Equipment Fillo Elite Pillow 

Bundling your sweater and jeans for a pillow sounds like a brilliant idea until one wakes up in the middle of the night with a nasty ache in the neck. This inflatable backpacking cushion has a delicate cover and folds to matchbox size.

MSR TrailShot Water Filter

This TrailShot is larger than iodine pills but smaller and lighter than any pump-style filter. If you don’t want to transport many water bottles to the location, take this instead to filter it as required.

BioLite Charge 40 PD

Whether we like it or not, electronics have become essential gears for camping. It may or may not be a blessing, but having adequate power for these gadgets is vital to keep in mind. Backup chargers are not required, although these might be useful in an emergency. This one includes both USB-A and USB-C ports for only $37.

Big Agnes TwisterCane BioFoam Sleeping Pad 

The TwisterCane isn’t a sophisticated inflatable sleeper mattress, but it’s lightweight, comfy, and built out of sugarcane-based cushions for only $50.

REI Co-op Camp X Chair

High-quality camping chairs, replete with a cupholder and a storage pocket for carrying a torch and insect spray, might be expensive, but it does not have to be. You do not have to lose quality; however, REI has created this compact seat, both comfy and lightweight compared to similar versions, just for $50.

Final Thoughts

Camping does not have to be expensive if you know where to pick the right items. If you spend wisely, you can find cheap camping equipment under $50. Make sure you know which gear you will need so you do not waste a penny. 


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