Can You Live in a Camper During Winter?

Can you live in a camper during winter? Outdoor camping during winter can be a roller-coaster experience for you. On the one hand, cold-weather camping can be a fun way to enjoy the best sunrise beyond the landscape.

Again, camping is a hectic process during the winter nights. You have to select the best campers that can keep you warm and tight. But the question arises, can you live in a camper during winter?

This article will answer all your thoughts and confusion regarding the best campers during winter.

Live in a Camper to Ease Your Camping During Winters

Yes, you can camp during the winter season. Campers are the best tool to enhance your winter camping experience. However, selecting the best campers to have a cozy winter tripping experience can be a tough one. Even check out some hot tents for camping in the winter

You need to acknowledge some key points before choosing the best campers to live in during winter. The article has identified the benefits and the things you should check before selecting the best campers for your winter camping.

How To Select the Best Campers for Winter?

It would be best to consider a few attributes of a camper before purchasing the perfect camper to live in during winter.


Price is the foremost aspect you should check out. If you are searching for a cheap camper, then the Windjammer 3008W Travel Camper is the best option for you. The budget-friendly campers are suitable for your destination camping during winters.


Accommodation is the next aspect you need to check out before buying a camper to live in during winter. In this case, Keystone Montana fifth wheels camper is the perfect choice for you. You can accommodate up to 8 people inside the camper and provide enough space for living.

Exteriors And Interiors

It would be best to have a solid camper to live in during winter and combat extreme conditions. Some campers are suitable for overall weather conditions.

Again, some campers have added features to combat extreme weather conditions. The forest River Arctic Wolf camper is the best example of such campers.

Top 5 Comfortable Campers for You During Winter

1. Keystone Montana Fifth Wheels Camper

Keystone Montana Fifth Wheels Camper

The Keystone Montana Fifth Wheels Camper is the most renowned luxurious camper worldwide. The vehicle has an excellent reputation of more than 15 years of service. Indeed, a unique camper for you to live in during winters.

You can build your habitat in extreme conditions and weather with the help of this camper. Its unique features include free-flow air conditioning at 15000 BTUs, 12v electric water tanks, in-floor water lines, and a radiant technology insulated rooftop.

Pros & Cons

  • Warmth and Comfort
  • Insulated Double Layered Fiberglass
  • Fully Vented Attic System
  • Dual Thermostat and Remote Sensor
  • Most Expensive in the list
  • Complex Guidelines

2. Heartland Lm Arlington

Heartland Lm Arlington

The Heartland LM Arlington is the perfect camper for overall weather conditions. The camper comes in a stellar shape to enhance your luxurious camping experience during winters.

The unique features of the camper include a power tilt bed with reading lights, soft tables, and a multi-plex lighting system. You can add more highlights to the camper, such as a 40-inch exterior television, slide room awnings, and an included dishwasher.

Overall, this camper is one of the most luxurious campers to live in during winters.

Pros & Cons

  • Lockable Safe for Extra Security
  • Backlit Tile Backlash
  • 80-amp Convertor
  • 1000-Watt Inverters¬†
  • Extra Payment for added features


3. Jayco 327ckts Eagle Fifth Wheels

Jayco 327ckts Eagle Fifth Wheels

If you are searching more a spacious camper to live in the winters, then Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels is your best choice. The camper has a 13-foot awning and a walk-around queen bed for your comfort.

Other notable features include a spacious lining closet, a two-seater sofa, and large television. Other contingencies for extreme weather conditions like the 55-gallon fuel tank and six-gallon weather heater.

Pros & Cons

  • Full Bathroom Features
  • Spacious Kitchen and Ample Shelving
  • High Accommodation for 8 Person
  • 30-BTU Auto Ignition
  • Expensive than other models


4. Forest River Arctic Wolf

Forest River Arctic Wolf

The Arctic Wolf model campers from Forest River are a perfect fit for RV enthusiasts because of their six-floor plan options. You can choose the Arctic model of extreme weather or typical weather to live in these campers in the winter.

The campers feature upper bunk windows and a pullout kitchen faucet for your convenient living. There is a home entertainment system as well.

The camper includes:

  • Upgraded arctic insulation.
  • An enclosed and heated underbelly.
  • A furnace is running at 35,000 BTUs for extreme weather conditions.

Pros & Cons

  • Convenient Accommodation System
  • High Insulation During Extreme Cold
  • Solar Wiring
  • Dinette Drawers
  • Challenges in driving for beginners
  • Making turns and parking


5. Windjammer 3008w Travel Campers

Windjammer 3008w Travel Camper live in a camper

The Windjammer 3008W Travel Camper comes with enough room and space to make your winter camping jam-packed. The te accommodate up to five persons at a time. The camper carries insulation across the whole camper for proper ventilation.

The upgraded fireplace is an exceptional feature to live in this campers in the winter. The additional features of this camper include a 45-gallon freshwater tank, a floor-ducted furnace, and heated holding tanks.

Pros & Cons

  • Gas Grill Connector
  • Master Bedroom
  • Four Season Camping
  • Outdoor awning
  • Heavy and Long


FAQS And Answers – If you are planning to live in a camper

Q.1: What Are the Best Insulators for An RV Camper?

A.1: Three most used insulators that will keep your RV Camper warm:

  • Fiberglass Insulator – The most common insulator
  • Rigid Foam Insulator – Durable and moisture resistant.
  • Spray and Foam Insulator – the cheapest of all the three.


Q.2: How Do You Keep the Campers Cool During Summer?

A.2: The easy steps to keep your campers cool during summer:

  • To park the camper under shades.
  • To keep the windows covered.
  • A tarp is a handy tool for shading.
  • Cook outside the camper.



The winter is around the corner, and you might be itching to go on a winter hike this vacation. Before making any plans, make sure to select the best campers to live in during winter.

We would suggest the luxurious Keystone Montana Fifth Wheeler Camper as it provides a wide range of benefits during winter camping. The presence of room heating capability of the camper will offer you a comfortable living during winter.


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