Big Agnes 2-Person Tent

Big Agnes 2-Person Tent

Big Agnes manufactures tents for individuals with high expectations for the products they buy, such as restless explorers who spend their days looking for big thrills and are then eager to pack up, travel off, and pursue new experiences. The Big Agnes, 2 Person tent strikes an excellent mix between the essential elements of a trekking tent and performs brilliantly across the board in terms of all your criteria. The Copper Spur HV UL series is one of the best-selling tents, an ultralight hiking tent for two people from Big Agnes. Big Agnes has improved it further by redesigning this with innovative capabilities on both the interior and exterior of the product. They have employed one-of-a-kind materials that are lighter and more potent, and they have matched those components with gear that makes installation even more straightforward.

This free-standing construction has a large volume design that allows for creating a significant amount of habitable space. There are three distinct varieties of bin pockets: standard, medium, and three-dimensional. These pockets let you arrange your belongings without limiting your ability to sit or sleep within the bag. Vestibules in the shape of awnings may be adjusted to enhance living space and are excellent for protecting from the sun and precipitation. The Big Agnes 2-person tent is your home away from home in its purest form.


Big Agne’s Copper Spur HV UL2 Tent is designed for two people and aims to simultaneously be as roomy and lightweight as possible. When two people decide to go hiking together, this is a suitable option for them to take. While you and your tour buddy prefer to travel small but don’t need to sacrifice amenities like two wide doors and sufficient headroom, the Big Agnes 2-person tent is the best option for you. Big Agnes 2-person tent will provide an experience unlike any other because of the two different lace-up lines on the doors leading to the entrances.

Suppose you wish to stretch your hand out to reach anything in the vestibule without moving the velcro around to the correct location. In that case, they are automatically in the appropriate area when the tent is closed. Because it spares you the trouble of needing to relocate the zippers to the correct positions initially, this function can be the one that strikes you as most noteworthy among the available options. The head of the tent has a width of more than 50 inches, and the roof length is close to 90 inches long. However, the prebent rods create high walls and help to contribute to ample internal space, while the cross rods create a lot of lateral space at the peak height of the structure. It is clear that the size decreases to 45 inches at the base, but the cross rod results in a significant amount of lateral space at the highest point.

You and the other person will effortlessly sit up straight if the peak is a decent height. You and your companion will have approximately three square meters of internal space at your disposal, giving you plenty of freedom to move about and use the available floor space. You will discover two vestibules totaling about one square meter in size, sufficient space to accommodate a pack of a reasonable size, and your footwear. This model from Big Agnes has spacious pockets on the upper back and can contain almost everything of a decent size that you would take into the backcountry with you. Additionally, you can use two supporting side pockets to keep the medic in times of necessity. The panels that provide seclusion are progressively thinner from the top down. You may have never seen a tent with better storage than this one, which weighs less than four pounds.

Simple and Quick Installation

You can set up the Copper Spur HV UL2 from Big Agnes. This Big Agnes 2-person tent includes a linked pole system consisting of a central rod responsible for most of the spaciousness inside the tent. Because it is free-standing, you do not need to engage in any complicated stakeout procedures to bring it to its maximum capacity.

The tent comes with enough pegs to secure it in all of the necessary locations., which are of a strength that is satisfactory for their purpose. It comes with color-coded poles so that you can immediately identify how to position them. If you buy a footprint, which is supplied separately, you may also “quick pitch” the tent, which means that you only need the poles, the fly, and the footprint. 

Tolerance of the Weather

Combined with a compact surface, it has a friendly geometry that enables it to maintain stability even when subjected to extreme weather conditions. You also have the option of pitching in a manner that is more conventional with comprehensive porches. The roof doors may be pushed open using hiking sticks and guyline to form an awning. This awning will shelter you and your belongings from cloudy weather or blazing sunshine while allowing for optimum ventilation. A wide range of alternatives in the middle will enable you to strike a balance between airflow and shielding. A flap that covers the roof zipper and prevents water from entering through the opening will be another feature you will like.


Endurance is a tricky balance with a tent that is this light, but Big Agne’s Copper Spur HV UL2 Tent does a decent job of maintaining this delicate balance. You will discover that the cloth is far more durable than it seems and feels to be.

This tent features a solid pole framework that has been thoughtfully constructed, which helps to counter the potentially delicate nature of the textiles. Both flexibility and stiffness are afforded to you by the Big Agnes tent for two people. If you take care of it and maintain it properly, this is one of those models that will continue to serve you well for a very long time.

Final Thought

This Big Agnes 2-person tent is an outstanding example of a robust design that has been well executed to provide a lightweight and spacious shelter. If you are interested in taking it for either a weekend or for a couple of weeks, this is an excellent option for you to consider. It tips the scales at just more than three pounds and has two roomy vestibules that may be converted into convenient awnings. You can easily set up this tent quickly and effortlessly. You and your traveling buddy can stay dry and safe inside this Big Agnes 2-person tent even if the weather outside is severe.

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