How to store camp chairs

How to Store Camping Chairs: A Complete Guide for Proper Chair Storage

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to store camping chairs. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves camping or attending outdoor events, you know the importance of having reliable and comfortable camp chairs. But what about when the camping season ends or the event is over? Properly storing your camp chairs is essential to ensure their longevity and to be ready for your next adventure.

This article will provide step-by-step instructions on effectively storing your camping chairs. These tips will help you keep them in excellent condition for years.

How to Store Camping Chairs: Step-By-Step Guide

Properly knowing how to store camping chairs is about more than tidiness. It’s also about maintaining their functionality and extending their lifespan. Imagine going on your next camping trip only to find your chairs damaged or unusable due to improper storage. By taking the time to store your camp chairs properly, you’ll be rewarded. You’ll have chairs ready to provide comfort and relaxation whenever needed. You can even check out our detailed article on How to repair Camping Chairs

1. Clean and Prepare Your Camping Chairs for Storage

Before storing your camping chairs, it’s crucial to clean them well. Start by removing any loose dirt, debris, or food particles. If your chairs are collapsible, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for folding or collapsing them. Check the care instructions for chairs with fabric or mesh seats and spot-clean any stains or spills. Once cleaned, allow your chairs to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

2. Folding and Collapsing Camp Chairs

Folding and collapsing your camping chairs properly is critical to saving space and preventing damage. Different types of camp chairs have various folding mechanisms, so it’s essential to understand how your specific chair folds. Begin by releasing any locking tools or latches. Carefully fold the legs, frame, and backrest according to the chair’s design. Take your time to avoid forcing any parts, which can lead to unnecessary wear or breakage.

3. Selecting the Right Storage Space

Choosing a suitable storage space for your camping chairs is essential for their preservation. Opt for indoor storage, such as a garage, shed, or basement. These areas provide protection from the elements and help prevent exposure to sunlight, which can cause fading and damage to the chair materials. If indoor storage is unavailable, consider using a durable and weather-resistant cover to shield your chairs from rain, snow, and UV rays.

4. Stacking and Organizing Camp Chairs

Stacking your camping chairs efficiently saves space and prevents them from toppling over and getting damaged. Start by folding each chair and aligning them side by side. Place a protective layer between each chair, such as a towel or a piece of cardboard, to prevent scratches or scuffs. Carefully stack the chairs, making sure they are stable and secure. Avoid stacking too high to maintain stability and ease of access.

5. Covering and Protecting Camp Chairs

During storage, protecting your camping chairs from dust, moisture, and pests is crucial. Consider investing in chair covers or storage bags designed explicitly for camp chairs. These covers offer added protection, keeping your chairs clean and dry throughout storage. Alternatively, use heavy-duty tarps or plastic wrap to shield your chairs from dust and moisture. Secure the covers tightly to prevent them from blowing off or shifting during storage.

6. Chair Caddy

Create or purchase a chair caddy with multiple slots to hold your camping chairs. This mobile storage solution allows easy transport and keeps chairs organized in one place.

7. Overhead Ceiling Rack

Install a sturdy ceiling rack in your garage or storage area. This approach is ideal for keeping camping chairs out of the way while maximizing floor space.

8. Rolling Storage Bin

Get a rolling storage bin with compartments to keep camping chairs organized and easily accessible. The bin can be tucked away in a garage or storage room when not in use.

9. Collapsible Chair Cart

Invest in a collapsible chair cart designed specifically for transporting and storing folding camping chairs. This cart makes it easy to move chairs from one place to another.

10. Carabiner Clips

Attach carabiner clips to the carry bags of your camping chairs and hang them on a coat rack or designated wall hooks. This keeps the chairs together and off the floor.

11. Bungee Cord Storage

Utilize bungee cords to secure camping chairs to a wall or storage unit. This DIY solution is inexpensive and efficient.

12. Ladder Storage

Repurpose an old ladder by leaning it against a wall and hanging camping chairs on the rungs. This creative storage solution adds a rustic touch to your storage area.

13. Under-RV Storage

If you’re camping with an RV, consider using the undercarriage storage compartments to keep your camping chairs protected during travel.


14. DIY PVC Pipe Rack

Build a simple DIY rack using PVC pipes and connectors. This cost-effective storage option allows you to customize the size and shape to accommodate your chairs.

15. Pegboard System

Install a pegboard on your garage or shed wall. Use hooks and attachments to hang your camping chairs neatly and conveniently.

Additional Tips for Long-Term Storage

To ensure your camping chairs remain in optimal condition during long-term storage, there are a few additional tips to remember. Lubricate moving parts, such as hinges or joints, with a silicone-based lubricant to prevent rust and stiffness. Inspect and tighten any loose straps or attachments to maintain the chair’s stability. Consider labeling or implementing an inventory system if you have multiple chairs, making locating and retrieving specific chairs easier when needed.

Maintaining and Inspecting Stored Chairs

Regular maintenance and inspections are essential, even during storage. Every few months, take a moment to inspect your stored camping chairs. Look for signs of damage, wear, or any potential issues that may have arisen. If you notice any minor repairs or maintenance needs, address them promptly to prevent further damage. You’ll be ready to hit the outdoors without any unexpected surprises by staying proactive with your chair maintenance.

Properly Storing Specialty Camp Chairs

If you own specialty camp chairs, such as reclining chairs or chairs with attached accessories, they may require additional care during storage. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidelines on storing these chairs. Take extra care to protect any adjustable components or delicate features. Consider using padded covers or wrapping those chairs in soft blankets to safeguard them from potential damage.

Storing Camp Chairs in Small Spaces

Finding adequate storage can be challenging for outdoor enthusiasts living in apartments or small spaces. But fear not! There are creative solutions to make the most of limited space. Look for collapsible or compact camp chair models designed for easy storage. Consider utilizing vertical storage options, such as wall-mounted hooks or hanging organizers. These space-saving solutions will allow you to store your camp chairs conveniently, even in tight quarters.

How to Store Camping Chairs: Concluding Remarks

You have now learned the best practices for storing your camping chairs. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure your chairs’ longevity and excellent condition between camping trips or outdoor events.

Remember to clean, fold, and stack your chairs properly, select appropriate storage space, and protect them from dust, moisture, and pests. Your camping chairs will be ready for your next adventure with proper storage. They will provide you with comfort and convenience for many seasons to come. Happy camping!

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