How to put a ground sheet under a tent

How to put a Tarp under a Tent (7 Easy Steps)

Setting up the tarp under a tent is a very crucial part of your camping trip. Although it may not seem important to a lot of people, it has a plethora of uses. It protects the bottom of your tent from rocks, debris, roots, or any sharp objects that might be in the ground. It also helps to keep moisture out, keeping the inside of your tent dry and comfortable. In this article, we will go over how to put a tarp under a tent in just a few easy steps. Read on!

Step 1: Choose the Right Ground Sheet

The very first step is to pick an appropriate groundsheet for your tent. There are many different kinds of ground sheets on the market, so pick one that matches the size and shape of your tent. An excellent groundsheet should be constructed from strong, weather-resistant material.

This is a very crucial consideration when choosing a ground sheet. You need a substance that is both durable and lightweight. Although tough materials like canvas or vinyl are long-lasting, carrying them can be very difficult and bulky. All the best camping gear is made of synthetic materials as they are light and waterproof, like nylon or polyethylene.

Step 2: Find a Level Ground

The next step is to find an even ground to set up the tent.  Choose a surface that is flat, even, and clear of rocks, roots, and other obstacles. This can be a bit difficult to achieve if you’re camping in a hilly region.

Moreover, you should also consider the terrain when picking a spot. It’s best not to go to low-lying places near rivers or streams or other flood-prone locations. Also, don’t pitch your tent where water is likely to settle because both your groundsheet and tent may become damaged.

Step 3: Clean the Ground

Once you are set on the location, make sure you clean it thoroughly before putting your groundsheet. Take out any pebbles, sticks, or other objects that could damage your tent or ground sheet.  It is way easier if you just sweep the area clean, using a hand brush or a broom instead of your bare hands.

And if you can, remove any vegetation from the area, such as weeds and grass. This will lessen the likelihood that moisture from the ground may seep into your tent

Step 4: Lay the Tarp

As soon as the ground is clear and level, you can start laying your Tarp. The tarp should be unrolled and laid out on the surface. Make sure it is flat and spread out evenly.

If you have an even larger groundsheet, you can fold it in half which will make it easier for you to handle. Once in position, smooth down any bumps or wrinkles.

Step 5: Secure the Tarp

Once the tarp is all laid out, you must now secure it so it doesn’t wobble around. Use Tent Stakes or tent pegs to secure the tarp. Make sure you put the pegs at regular intervals along the edges, leaving enough space between each one to prevent it from tearing.

If your camping location has strong winds, it’s better to use extra pegs in the corners for added reinforcements. This will protect the sheet from blowing in the wind and keep your tent from getting damaged.

Step 6: Set up Your Tent

You can start assembling your tent after the tarp is in position. Make sure the tent is parallel to the groundsheet before installing it.
You must check that the tent is tight and level before securing the corners to the pegs. The tent’s placement can be adjusted if necessary to make sure it is in the desired location. Even read How to Set up a Tent

Step 7: Enjoy Your Camping

Congratulations! The tarp has been successfully placed beneath your tent. You are now ready to take full advantage of your camping trip. You can rest assured that your tent will remain dry and weatherproof once the groundsheet is in place.
The groundsheet not only offers shelter but also makes packing up your tent to head home simpler. Just shake off any dirt or debris before rolling up the ground sheet. Then you can fold it up and put it in your car or backpack.


The tarp is an extremely important part of a tent. Although it may seem a like a lot of work, it is a very essential part of your trip. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to put a tarp under the tent and you can ensure that your tent will be dry and protected. This will allow you to have a peaceful and comfortable camping experience.

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