Black Diamond Teepee Tent

Black Diamond Mega Light Tent Review

Tent types are pretty important since different tents have different benefits. Tents are divided into categories depending on defining features. The things considered to categorize tents include tent size, shape, material, special features, and more. Manufacturers come up with new features for their tents all the time. Campers often have a hard time choosing a tent since there are too many options.

Tent shape is an important factor to consider since some characteristics of a tent depend on its shape. If you are looking for a new tent, you might have already come across some terms related to this gear. Among different tent shapes, teepee tents are very popular.

What is a Teepee Tent?

Teepee tents for camping are one of the classic tent shapes. When we think of tents, the first picture that pops into our heads is a cone-shaped object. Modern tents have evolved. There are different tent shapes companies come up with to provide optimum comfort to campers. But teepee tents are still relevant.

Teepee tents are cone-shaped tents that are quite tall. The height and shape of a teepee tent allow the high end to blow in from all directions. Teepee tents were used by North American Indians or Red Indians back in the day. Teepee tents are lightweight and easy to set up and disassemble. This made teepee tents a year-round dwelling space for Plains Indians.

Black Diamond Mega Light Tent

We have the perfect pick if you are in the market for a value-for-money teepee tent! Staying true to its name, the Black Diamond Mega Light tent is extremely lightweight. The Black Diamond Mega Light Tent is a favorite among base campers, mountaineers, and people who prefer minimalistic tents. It is easy to carry around, so campers can move from base to base without hassle.


  •         The tent offers plenty of space despite its lightweight construction
  •         Comes with great wind resistance quality
  •         Comfortably holds two people with adequate space for gears inside
  •         Affordable


  •         Hard to set up the tent on a rough surface
  •         Does not include a tent floor

The Black Diamond Mega Light is not the first choice for backpackers since there is no tent floor. The tent has a great weight-to-space distribution. For group campers, or if you are setting up a base camp, the Mega Light can be a great additional space.

The Mega Light is among the lightest teepee tents you will come across. The tent weighs a little over two pounds, including the mounting poles. You can reduce the tent weight even more by ditching the mounting poles and using your trekking poles instead. The weight and minimal design of the tent allow campers to carry it around without breaking a sweat.

The Mega Light comes with plenty of floor space. The headroom is also appreciated by many campers thanks to its teepee shape. The spacey interior of the tent makes it quite roomy. The floor space allows up to four people to sleep inside the tent. With the impressive headroom and floor space, we believe the Black Diamond Mega Light can also serve as a good supplement tent. You can use the tent as a kitchen or common camp area if you are setting up a base camp.

The Black Diamond Mega Light is sturdier than one would expect. Since it is a lightweight tent, you can guess that the fabric used on the tent is quite thin. But the fabric quality makes it capable of standing up against harsh weather. Since the tent does not come with a floor, it is less prone to wear and tear.

The Mega Light can tolerate long rainy days and cold gusts of wind. The tent uses silnylon in its construction, making it a lightweight choice and keeping you safe from harsh weather.

What to Look for in a Teepee Tent?

Personal preference is the ultimate decision-maker when it comes to looking for different teepee tents. Still, looking for a good teepee tent among so many options can be tricky. Consider some factors while looking for new teepee tents to buy.

Space and Size

The key selling point of a teepee tent is its high ceiling that allows plenty of headspaces. Teepee tents are also lightweight, making them a great option for mountaineers. There are different size options for teepee tents. Think about the floor space before getting a particular-sized teepee tent. If you buy a two-person tent and decide to use it for four people, it would defeat the whole purpose of a teepee tent.


Durability is an important factor to consider in teepee tents. These tents are lightweight in general and come with a high ceiling. Manufacturers use thin walls on teepee tents to keep them lightweight. But some options are made to stand proudly against harsh cold wind. Pick your teepee tent depending on where you wish to camp and how the weather would be.

Tent Floors

The Black Diamond Mega Light we reviewed above is a floorless teepee tent. But many other teepee tents have floors. If you are looking for a new teepee tent, think about whether or not you need a floor or not. Of course, there are benefits to tent floors. They offer an extra layer of protection which comes in handy in harsh weather. But tents with floors also tend to be heavier compared to floorless tents.

Weather Resistance

Teepee tents are sturdy against different weather, but some features do vary. Check the waterproof rating if you are planning on camping during heavy rains. The teepee shape can make sometimes cause the tents to bend because of the wind. Look for tents that have extra stability options if your campsite will be a windy one.

Final Words

Teepee tents are versatile and offer a lot of value. We hope this review guide can help you decide whether to go for the Black Diamond Mega Light tent or not. Black Diamond is a notable manufacturer of quality camping gear. You already know all about the Mega Light teepee tent. It should help you determine whether the tent should deserve a spot in your camping gear or not.


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