3000 Watt Inverter Generators for Camping

3000 Watt generators for tent camping include efficiency, less gas consumption, and emitting less sound than general generators. Briggs and Stratton, Honda, and Generac are renowned companies offering the top 3000-Watt generators for camping.

You may face a lot of hindrances in selecting a budget-friendly generator for camping. This article has listed five of the top 3000-Watt inverter generators for camping to ease your searching process.

How To Select The Suitable 3000 Watt generator For Camping

An inverter generator is a handy tool to provide you with electrical support during any hike or camping. The 3000W generators are now in massive trend among hikers and travelers.

You have to consider a few key points before buying a 3000 Watt generator for camping. A budget-friendly and portable generator will provide you with a thrilling camping experience to remember.


Portability is a significant priority before purchasing a 3000-Watt inverter generator for camping. The inclusion of small wheels is an added benefit to transport a generator from one sport to another.

The most portable 3000-Watt generators weigh between 50 and 60 pounds. Some might have tiny wheels under them. For example, the Champion 3100-Watt Portable Generator weighs 94 pounds yet can be easily transported due to the added wheels.


You need to consider the following essential point: the runtime before purchasing the finest 3000-Watt inverter generator for camping. You will need a large fuel tank and an energy-efficient generator for energy-intensive and frequent use at camping.

A generator with 10 hours at a stretch runtime will give you the advantage to charge up your other devices during camping. Generators from Briggs and Stratton can provide a runtime of 10 hours of service.

The Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline is another remarkable example of a 3000-Watt generator with long runtime. The generator can provide service for 20 hours at a stretch, which is beneficial for camping.

You can avoid the burden of fueling up the generator if you buy a generator with a reasonable runtime. Therefore, it is a great key point to consider before buying a generator for camping.

Noise Level

You don’t want a terrible noise from the generator to ruin your camping experience. For that reason, you should select the top 3000-Watt generator for camping with a moderate noise level.

The quietest noise level of a generator should be around 50DB so that you don’t have to shout while having a decent conversation during camping. It would be best to be cautious in checking the noise level rating on the generator.

Many manufacturers don’t want to display the actual noise level to hike their sales. You can subscribe to product reviews and take recommendations before purchasing a 3000-Watt inverter generators for camping.

Parallel Capability

A generator with parallel capability will also provide you with added benefits in the future. The feature will allow you to use two generators of the same kind simultaneously.

As a result, if you carry a 3000 watts generator, you can produce 6000 Watts of energy simultaneously. The Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline is the perfect generator under generators with exceptional parallel capabilities.


Top 3000-Watt generator will save you a decent amount of money in the long run. You will manage to get some handy features like a low emission rate and audible operations at a meager cost.

The average cost of a suitable 3000-Watt inverter generator for camping will range from $800 to $4000. The price depends on the model and manufacturer you select for your camping.

Top 5 3000 Watt Generator for Camping

At $1000, you must be careful while buying a 3000-Watt generator for camping. You can look upon these top five products from renowned companies to select a great inverter generator for your camping experience.

1. Briggs and Stratton P3000 Inverter Generator

Briggs and Stratton P3000 Inverter Generator

Briggs and Stratton have been famous for producing quality inverter generators over the years. Their P3000 inverter generator is one of the best 3000-watt generators for camping. It is user-friendly and offers a wide range of functions to escalate your camping experience.

The inclusion of an LCD screen that displays performance statistics is a top-notch feature of this generator. The screen will give you a timely reminder to perform any essential maintenance.

The generator has a surge power of 3000-watt and a running power of 2600-watt. Because of its 1.5-gallon capacity tank and advanced power technology, the generators will run for more than 10 hours straight.

Pros & Cons

  • 50DB noise at lesser load
  • More Energy Efficient
  • Advanced Technology
  • Less Gas Consumption
  • Issues while starting the generator


2. Champion 3100 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Champion 3100 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

The Champion 3100 Watt Portable Inverter Generator is the most efficient generator you will get for your camping. It has a built-in Smart Economy Mode that produces a specific amount of power in a given period.

The generator offers marginally more power than Brigg and Stratton, with a running capacity of 2800 Watts and a surge power of 3100 Watts. The generators feature small tires that make transporting them from different places.

The Champion 3100 Watt Portable Generator has an air-cooled engine and automatic shutoff. The model also comes relatively cheaper than Briggs, making it one of the finest 3000-Watt inverter generators for camping.

Pros & Cons

  • CARB and EPA compliant
  • Economy mode reduces noise
  • Easy Transportation
  • Heavy Surge Power
  • No LCD Screen
  • Heavy


3. Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline

Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline

Even though the Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline is a bit expensive, it is a high-quality generator. The generator runs around 50DB, making it suitable for camping because you can chat around it.

The best part of the Honda generator is that it runs for 20 hours at a stretch. It runs on a 2800 Watts power and overall surge power of 3100 Watts.

However, there are some drawbacks to this generator. The generator is quite heavy and doesn’t carry any wheels. So, you will have a great challenge to take this inverter generator to your camping spots.

Apart from the drawback, the Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline, with its high-power quality and less gas consumption, is one of the top 3000-Watt inverter generators for camping you should consider.

Pros & Cons

  • Gallon Tank
  • Parallel Capabilities
  • Less Noise
  • Long Run Time
  • Transportation System
  • Heavy load and Expensive

4. Generac 7129 GP3000i

Generac 7129 GP3000i

The GP3000i Inverter Generator is a cheap and light inverter generator for camping. You easily carry the generator whenever you go out camping.

The generator can run for 6 hours, relatively less than other generators. The other limitations include its low running power of 2300 Watts and a tank with one gallon capacity.

You will get two 5V USB ports with the Generac generator, a helpful tool to charge your devices. It also features parallel capability, making it one of the top 3000-Watt inverter generators for camping.

Pros & Cons

  • Light Weighted
  • Additional USB Ports
  • Inexpensive
  • The capability of parallel operation
  • Less running time
  • Underpowered

5. Firman W03081 Generator

Firman W03081 3000 Watt generator

The Firman W03081 Portable Generator is a great deal in the market of 3000-Watt generators for camping. It is powerful and affordable as well. The generator offers a running capacity of 3000-Watt. The startup power required by this generator is 3300 Watt.

Even though it weighs 97 pounds, the generator has supporting tires for easy locomotion from one place to another. The Firman generator is 9 hours on average at a stretch with a fuel tank of 1.8-gallons.

Overall, the generator is a tailor-made product as the finest 3000-Watt inverter generator for camping.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with a wrench and a filter
  • Above 3000-Watt Surge Power
  • The capability of functioning parallelly
  • Has Supporting Tires
  • High noise level
  • Less runtime


FAQs and Answers for 300 Watt Generator

What is the exact dimension of a 3000w model generator?

The exact dimension varies from company to company. However, the precise size of a 3000-Watt inverter generator from Briggs and Stratton is 26 inches (L) x 13.9 inches (B) x 20.4 inches (H).

What do you mean by 25% load? Is it 25% of running watts or starting watts?

The 25% load refers to 25% of the running power.

Are the 3000-Watt inventor generators electric start generators?

All the 3000-Watt investor generators have an electric start.

Is a 3000 Watt generator safe to operate indoors?

Never use a generator inside or in a partially enclosed space. You should only use it outside in an area with proper ventilation and no harmful exhaust stream accumulation.

What can a generator with a rating of 3000 watts be used for?

A 3000-watt generator can power a washer, fridge, tv, food processor, laptop, oven, radio, and rechargeable fans. But do not try to run all of these things at the same time.

For a 3000 watt inverter, how much energy would I need?

Their amps per hour determine the number of batteries required for a 3000-watt generator. The typical motor battery has a 50Ah capacity. If you use those, you’ll need six of them to power a 3000-watt generator.


You might need to consider many things before getting your hands on a 3000-Watt inverter generators for camping. After comparing the top five products, we can sum it up by announcing the Firman W03018 Portable generator is your top choice.

The generator has a pair of supportive tires for easy portability. The price range is also affordable, including the power surge it contains. If we keep the drawbacks aside, this is the perfect product you can purchase for a better camping experience.

Then again, you won’t go wrong choosing any of the aforementioned generators. The key is to look for a product that’ll serve your purpose without any additional expenses.

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